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New WoW Expansion BlizzCon 2019

New WoW Expansion BlizzCon 2019! Hello guys! By the time you read this article BlizzCon 2019 may be over. BlizzCon is on the weekend of November 1st – 2nd, 2019. Let me know in the

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New WoW Expansion BlizzCon 2019!

Hello guys! By the time you read this article BlizzCon 2019 may be over. BlizzCon is on the weekend of November 1st – 2nd, 2019. Let me know in the comments what you think of the new WoW expansion announcement at BlizzCon 2019. Is it what you had in mind? Are you excited or disappointed?

But, for now, today’s post is about the new WoW expansion (or patch 9.0) speculation. If you’ve completed Queen Azshara’s Eternal Palace raid, we now know the final boss of Battle for Azeroth is N’Zoth. The old god is on the loose and this will have dire consequences for Azeroth.

I’ve posted my impressions on the ending cinematic for Azshara’s Eternal Palace. If you’d like to discuss, the 4chan leak on the Age of Darkness expansion rumors then click that link.

So, what does this mean for the new WoW expansion? Is Azeroth going to be destroyed? We still haven’t healed Azeroth’s wounds, N’Zoth is on the loose, and Sylvannas and Nathanos are up to no good.

Are our characters (the heroes) partly at fault? Can Azeroth be saved? And, what do you believe the new WoW expansion will be about?

Let’s get into the meat of it now.

What the New WoW Expansion Could Potentially be About

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What would you like to see in the new WoW expansion at BlizzCon 2019?

Lately, the moon goddess Elune has come up often in the lore. Especially with Tyrande Whisperwind becoming the Night Warrior after performing a ritual in Darkshore. We’ve also had a lot of focus on Elune in Legion, with the Tear of Elune being one of the Pillars of Creation.

I would love for the next expansion to take us to the world Elunaria. Since we know that Azeroth is a titan, I wonder if Elune is a titan too. It would be epic to see a new world, and possibly save another titan.

And, how cool would it be to venture into the Emerald Dream once more? Anytime story elements connected to the Night Elves pop up, I can guarantee you the Emerald Dream will be a part of it. And, what if Ysera, the Awakened, and the former leader of the Emerald Dragonflight can be brought back to life?

But, an expansion doesn’t only focus on one being or a few zones.

More Plot Ideas

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In Azeroth, we’ve had agents of Wrathion poking around. They give the Black Prince information on what’s happening. Could we have an upcoming expansion which resolves around the Black Prince?

I’m not sure if anyone truly knows what Wrathion’s goals are. He could stay a morally gray character, but I used to believe Sylvannas was morally gray until the Burning of Teldrassil.

Let me know in the comments what you think Wrathion (the Black Prince) is up too? Should we be worried?

Also, during Legion I remember the Lich King was acting pretty sketchy. Now, I haven’t finished the class order hall campaign for my Death Knight yet, but from what I do recall, I was wondering what his goals were. If Legion answered that question you can let me know in the comments.

With both the Lich King and Sylvannas being suspicious, do we have a new WoW expansion coming up centered on the undead again? Could the Return of the Lich King be real instead of a fandom joke? Will Sylvannas become the new Lich Queen?

And, Blizzard brought Taelia Fordragon (Bolvar Fordragon, the Lich King’s) daughter into the lore in BFA. Why would Blizzard bring us this new character if they didn’t plan to use her and her father for an upcoming story line? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Will the new WoW Expansion Create a Level Squish?

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Blizzard sent out a survey to fans regarding the level squish.

A level squish would involve Blizzard lowering the level cap of our characters. But, for Blizzard to do that, it would need to be important in the lore.

The new WoW expansion may have a complete reset of the old world. With Azeroth dying from her wounds, and an old god on the loose, I don’t believe it’s a stretch to assume Azeroth is in deep trouble.

If Blizzard remakes the old world again like they did in Cataclysm, it could force our characters to start at a lower level. Blizzard could spin the story in so many different ways. What kind of story lines do you think Blizzard could come up with?

With our characters still wearing the Heart of Azeroth, it’s possible the necklace will be used against us. Queen Azshara already tried that in Azshara’s Eternal Palace.

What will we do if N’Zoth used the Heart of Azeroth against us? We already have the prophecy stating that Magni Bronzebeard, the Speaker, is a pawn (the diamond king has been made a pawn). If Magni and Queen Azshara are getting played, then so are we.


Has Blizzard Learned from Their Mistakes?

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World of Warcraft Game Director, Ion Hazzikostas, has said Blizzard has realized their mistakes. Check out the developer insights video with his remarks. Now, as a fan this is good news to hear.

But, how can we be for sure that the new WoW expansion won’t repeat the same mistakes as BFA? I really disliked Warlords of Draenor and I couldn’t bring myself to finish the content. It’s probably my least favorite expansion. Plus, real life got in the way of playing both WoD and Legion so I had to quit playing for a while.

Legion wasn’t bad, in fact I felt it was epic. I know there are fans who disagree. If you didn’t enjoy Legion, please me know why in the comments.

With Classic WoW coming out in August, Blizzard is obviously paying attention to what players have been griping about for a while. Could the new WoW expansion bring back class identity, social interaction, and story lines that make sense?

I have faith that Blizzard is trying to turn over a new leaf after the messy year they’ve had. They began 2019 after laying off at least a third of their work force. There are rumors in the fandom of morale being down at the office, honestly it doesn’t feel like a stretch.

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What’s Next for the New WoW Expansion?

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So, what’s next? All we have right now is speculation, but when BlizzCon 2019 hits on November 1st, we’ll finally know what the next expansion will be about.

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Once we get confirmation about the new WoW expansion at BlizzCon 2019, be sure to comment below about your thoughts on the announcement. Is the new WoW expansion exciting to you? Do you believe the new expansion will fix the broken state retail WoW is currently in? Will you be playing the new expansion?

Anyway, thanks for hanging out at my hearth.

Happy Hunting!


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