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Happy First Anniversary, Warcraftlover!

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Good morning, Warcraftlovers,

I wanted to write a message to Warcraftlover readers because today, May 31, 2020, marks the first anniversary of Warcraftlover. Thank you for helping the blog have such a successful first year. Most people told me not to do this. Blogging is a career that can take time to see the fruits of your labor. I understood their concern, but I’ve always wanted to be a writer and help others. Being a blogger has allowed me to do both things I love.

My journey as a writer began with me publishing novels. When those proved to be harder to promote than I realized, I knew I had to make a change. So I decided to try blogging. I haven’t regretted that choice. The first year was full of sleepless nights, 12 hour days, and barely any vacation. When I’m not writing a post the blog still requires my attention. For the blog to run smoothly, I have to do technical stuff in the background. I’ve also connected with other bloggers throughout the year as we helped each other grow our blogs.

A message to Warcraftlover readers continued

alt="a message to warcraftlover readers"/>

Owning my blog makes me a small business owner. So when the economy tanked in March 2020 I was terrified. My blog earns revenue through product sales and advertising. All of my product sales stopped for March. The only thing the government could offer was loans. My business is still new and I couldn’t afford a loan. So I had to soldier on and hope for the best.

Throughout the past year, I’ve also been dealing with my health problems. There were times I was so sick that working on my blog was nearly impossible. No matter what though I tried to pull through and make sure I posted at least once per week. I’ve built my business from the ground up and I refuse to let it fail.

I hope you enjoyed a message for Warcraftlover readers. If you enjoy Warcraftlover’s content, then learn more about how to support Warcraftlover.

Thank you for hanging out at my Hearth.

I hope you continue to take this crazy journey with me, and I’ll see you in Azeroth.



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