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About Spyells

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Well met! Welcome adventurer to Warcraftlover! Here you’ll find current news, game tips, and fun posts about World of Warcraft. Now, that you’ve braved the wilds of Google, Bing, and social media, you’re ready to accept your next quest.  So, if you’re wondering where your quest giver will send you next, then be sure to Subscribe to Warcraftlover’s mailing list in the form below. You can also follow Warcraftlover on Twitter and Facebook.

About Spyells

Thank you for visiting. Warcraftlover is a neutral blog. My real name is Shanae and I’ve played World of Warcraft since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. I play the Alliance, but I have Horde characters. This blog is a love letter to the game and fandom which has given me so many memories. I’ve also written and self-published books under the following pen names: Rose S. King and Kari Summers. I’m from California.

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The WoW fandom is like a second home. I’ve made it through hard times thanks to World of Warcraft. Now I’m aware it’s a computer game. WoW hasn’t replaced my faith in God, or my family, or even my best friend. I’m referring to how World of Warcraft has helped me by being an escape during the years. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety, and recently my family has dealt with my grandma’s cancer. It’s been a hard road and World of Warcraft has been a constant companion for me on this treacherous adventure.

Quest: How I discovered Warcraft

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Everyone has a story on how they were introduced to WoW. Do you remember what first brought you to Azeroth? Leave a comment and share your story.

My godmother introduced me to World of Warcraft. She was my Mom’s childhood best friend. As a child, I visited her house every summer break. When we weren’t geeking out over Harry Potter, I can guarantee you I was on the PlayStation 2. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have discovered my love for gaming. She allowed me to play the World of Warcraft free trial during vanilla.

My godmother already had an established guild. Her guild was composed of family, friends, and friends of friends. The small group felt like family and welcomed me with open arms. I created lasting memories with them. None of them play the game today, but I wish they knew how much of an impact they had on a then seventeen-year-old. I thought they were so cool.

Objective: How I Began Warcraftlover

Writing Is My Passion

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Writing is my passion. I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. My godmother would let me write stories on her computer. She used to buy me journals and I’d write fantasy stories within their pages. In the early 2000s, my family didn’t have a computer yet. If I didn’t write every day I don’t know what I’d be doing. Writing has also helped me with my depression and anxiety. It’s severe and most of the time I can’t leave the house.

I wanted to start a Warcraft blog because it’s a topic I talk about every day, so why not blog about it? Most fans stream on twitch or make YouTube videos. I miss being able to check out the content in different places. Mostly I’ll be blogging about current news, tips and tricks, and interesting stuff in WoW.

Writing continued

My first book Blessings of the Firebird’s Light was published November 14th, 2017. Many people ask why I chose to self-publish instead of traditionally publish. Well, I did seek out a literary agent for months, and I had no luck. I was tired of waiting for someone else to tell me if my dreams were valid and if my work was worthy. So, I took the plunge and published my book on Amazon. It’s been an interesting journey. No one can prepare you for how much work it takes to advertise a novel. When I wrote Blessings, it was because I wanted to write a high-fantasy story with Christian themes. The book is geared toward young adults and follows the protagonists on a journey of self-discovery as they search for the Firebird. If you aren’t aware, the Firebird is from a Russian fairy tale. I thought it was super cool and I wanted to incorporate the quest in my book.

Reward: What Warcraftlover Can Do For You

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Warcraftlover isn’t run by a major media corporation. It’s just me writing on this blog. What you can expect is for Warcraftlover to be a fun place. I hope you enjoy the content posted here. If you find the content of this blog helpful, funny, insightful, informative, or interesting please Share on social media or leave a comment.

All of my opinions are my own. Feel free to disagree with me on blog posts by leaving comments and engaging with other visitors. On Warcraftlover, you’ll find current news, game tips, and interesting articles. This blog should be a fun place to talk about the game we all love.

This blog makes money through affiliate links and advertising. So if you make a purchase from one of those affiliate links I’ll earn a small commission, but it’s at no extra cost to you. If you’d like to know more than please read the affiliate disclosure.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions about Warcraft, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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