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WoW Hunter: Well Met: Delyshia

40 SHARES Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us Save Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom   Hello guys! You’ve already been introduced to my main WoW hunter Alzéanz.

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Hello guys! You’ve already been introduced to my main WoW hunter Alzéanz.

Alzéanz was the first and only toon I’ve raided with. As you can tell, I’ve created treasured memories with friends. Eleven years is a long time to spend with a character. I hope the rumored level squish doesn’t take all of that away.

Someday, I’d love to have artwork created for Alzéanz. But, enough about Alz! This post is about Delyshia.

Delyshia is my Goblin hunter. Although I’ve never raided with her, I did make friends on Horde side with her. My Goblin hunter is my baby too. So, it’s time for you to meet Delyshia.

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WoW Hunter: For the Horde!

World of Warcraft fascinated me as a child. The storyline and lore are exciting to me. When I played Warcraft III as a kid, I was amazed by the different races and their heroes.

One of my favorite characters from Warcraft III was Thrall. The Warchief commanded my attention. He led the Orcs with wisdom and strength despite his youth. I knew once I was able to play World of Warcraft I had to find out more about Thrall.

But, I didn’t like the looks of the Horde races. I created a Tauren and played that toon with my godmother for a while, but we never leveled out of the Barrens.

I liked the Tauren. Their homeland Mulgore was gorgeous, and they seemed so wise. I liked Cairne Bloodhoof in Warcraft III and was intrigued to play a Tauren. But, the Tauren moved slow. It drove me nuts while playing.

I was saddened I didn’t find a Horde race I connected with. The World of Warcraft story can only be truly experienced when you play both sides. Well, Blizzard answered my prayers when they allowed Goblins to be playable in Cataclysm.

Goblins are hilarious.

Their leader, Trade Prince Gallywix, is a money-hungry tycoon.  He cracks me up every time he’s on-screen. Goblins have pin-up calender’s in their settlements. When I discovered that little gem I laughed. Goblins make up for their faults by having a personality I find amusing.

Time is Money Friend: A new WoW Hunter is Born!

When I created Delyshia it was a late night. I was curious about the Goblin starter zone, Isle of Kezan. I was cracking up when I drove her car all over the place.

Eventually, I created a Goblin shaman. I already had a Draenei shaman on the Alliance, so I knew the class was fun to play.

Throughout the years, I’d gotten busy with college life. So, most of the time I only played Alzéanz because I only had time to devote to one toon. I had to level him up, gear him, and learn to play him in each expansion when Blizzard would make changes.

By Warlords of Draenor, Delyshia was getting dusty in my roster. I decided to use a character boost on her toon in Warlords and in Legion. I enjoyed playing Legion so much, I leveled her to 110 without any trouble. And I’ve been so pissed with Sylvanas, I’ve managed to level Delyshia to 120 just so I could betray the Warchief. I hope there are interesting consequences for that quest choice.

Treasure Hunting for Pets

Goblins may be all about their money, but Delyshia is all about her pets. I don’t hunt as many rares on her as I do on Alzéanz, but she does have a few babies I love. I’ll post a few screenshots.

Let me know what you think of her digital fur-babies!

alt="wow hunter Delyshia and her pet belle"/>

This is Belle. She’s been with Delyshia the longest. I enjoyed having this pet on Alzéanz so much I had to get it for Delyshia too. You can find this spirit beast in Mount Hyjal. It was added to the game during the Cataclysm expansion.

alt="wow hunter Delyshia and her pet Ven"/>

Now, this griffin is called Ven. I named him after Ventus from Kingdom Hearts (I’m a huge Kingdom Hearts fan by the way). The name was fitting because it made me think of the wind and griffin’s can fly.

alt="wow hunter Delyshia with her pet Hart"/>

This beauty is Hart. I use the raptor with Alz the most. The rich blue color stands out so nicely. The raptor is pure eye-candy.

What’s Next: Insurance?

alt="twitch streaming on friday"/>

Never trust a Goblin. They’re as bad as pirates, and we know not to trust them either. What I can ensure, is that I stream on twitch every Friday, and I will be playing Delyshia on Twitch some Friday’s nights.

Most of the time I’ll be playing Alzéanz. There may be a few times I’m leveling an alt with my brothers. But, now if you see me playing a goblin you won’t be confused.

I have three goblin toons which include my hunter, a Goblin shaman, and a Goblin Death Knight.

Well Met: Delyshia

Well met: Delyshia! It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my Goblin hunter. I certainly enjoyed writing this post. I’ll try to write more for all my toons. I have backstories for many of my characters. So, I’ll definitely be adding to Alzéanz page so keep a lookout!

Do you play Horde or Alliance? Let us know in the comments. Tell me which one of your characters is your favorite and why.

If you find a typo, or if I committed the cardinal sin of incorrectly stating a lore fact or stat, please send me a message here:!

Happy Hunting!

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