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WoW Hunter: Well Met: Alzéanz

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Hello! I wanted to introduce you guys to my World of Warcraft hunter. This is the first post of many. I figured it was important to introduce you to my main first. WoW is one of the best MMO games. There are so many classes to choose from.

My main is a World of Warcraft hunter named Alzéanz. I’ve played him regularly since the Mists of Pandaria expansion, but my first toon was actually a night elf druid.

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I chose to create a male Dwarven hunter because of the cinematic for Vanilla WoW. I’m also fascinated by the Dwarven lore. The Dwarves are connected to Titan lore and technology. I’ve always found the Titans in WoW to be so fascinating. So, Alzéanz has always been so exciting to me.

The Dwarves are also incredibly funny. I enjoy hearing their accents, and I love how gorgeous Dun Morogh looks. The Dwarves are my favorite race to play besides the Goblins.

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A World of Warcraft Hunter Was Born

I created Alzéanz when I’d only been playing the game for a week or so during Wrath of the Lich King. My friends were talking in guild chat and everyone was having a great time.

I knew I wanted to make a dwarf hunter. The cinematic for World of Warcraft Classic was so cool. I’d always wanted a Dwarven hunter, so I made one.

That first day playing him was rough. Hunters didn’t start with a pet back then. We also couldn’t shoot at point-blank range. I died often, then I finally leveled high enough to tame a pet.

I gritted my teeth and kept going though. Dun Morogh felt so dangerous to me at the time. The bitter cold and the rough mountain terrain solidified that I was on my own in a vast world.

The fantasy World of Warcraft provided was out of this world. It was so awesome to play a hunter for the first time. I remember Alzéanz’s gun was so loud. Today, I transmog is gun to a bow, but I remember needing to get accessories for my gun to muffle the sound.

In fantasy, I’ve always been fascinated by wizards and hunters. So I spend a lot of time either playing those type of characters or writing those kind of characters in my novels.

Forging an Unbreakable Bond

While talking to my friends in guild chat, one of them told me about World of Warcraft hunter pets. He told me that some are rare. From that moment on, a love of hunting rares was born.

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My first pet was a rare polar bear. I named my bear Kordoroy.

Kordoroy went everywhere with me. The bond we shared was legendary. I always made sure I kept his happiness up so he wouldn’t run away. Although I don’t play with him today, I still remember all the special moments when I did.

Now, Kordoroy sits comfortably in my stable.

alt="world of warcraft hunter - Alzéanz and Blue"/>

I’ve hunted so many special pets since then. I’m currently using a rare spirit beast I got from Orgrimmar. You’ve probably seen me or other hunters running around with the raptor. Its skin is a rich blue color that you can’t miss. I named my raptor boo, Blue. It’s an obvious choice but it’s also an adorable one, so that’s why I chose the name.

alt="world of warcraft hunter - Alzéanz and Kandi"/>

When I name a hunter pet, I put a lot of thought into it. My pets may not exist in the real world, but they do exist in the World of Warcraft, and I try and make sure they matter. If my hunter was real, he would make sure his pets were well cared for.

Sometimes I wish WoW would allow me to care for the pets more. I remember in Wrath we fed our pets to keep our happiness up, which could be a challenge at times. I don’t need it to be that hard again, but it would be nice to give my hunter more to do with his pets. It’ll make him seem like a true beastmaster.

Hunting for Success

I played my night elf druid until Wrath of the Lich King ended. During Cataclysm, I switched to a death knight for a while. Until I joined a guild and their raid team.

I enjoyed playing my death knight, but I wasn’t good at playing her in a group. My druid was getting dusty and had remained at level 50 something, leaving me with my World of Warcraft hunter.

Before I knew it, I was hunting rare beasts in my spare time. The cooler it looked, the better, especially if it was a spirit beast.

I enjoyed the challenge of hunting these beasts provided. Plus, during Mists of Pandaria, hunter pets offered buffs to raids. It made me feel as if my pets were useful, and not just pretty.

I was sad when Blizzard took away the hunter pet buffs. I’m happy that growl auto turns off in instances now. It was so frustrating to have other players message me about growl. It was even worse to be blamed for something when I’d just zoned into an instance and then be insta-kicked although I hadn’t done anything. Such was the life of playing a hunter back in the day.

I’m happy with certain hunter changes such as growl being turned off. I just wish I could do more with my pet than just stare at it. WoW may not be real, but I would imagine a real hunter would have to feed, groom, and take care of his pets. I don’t want a penalty for not doing it (pets running away from unhappiness), I just want to do it for fun.

Tracking Change

World of Warcraft Hunters has changed so much since vanilla. I was playing the World of Warcraft Classic beta test and I was reminded how playing a hunter felt.

I really felt as if I was in the wilderness. Life was hard, my gun was loud, and I had no pet.

Alzéanz has come a long way since I leveled him up during Wrath. Now the gameplay is more streamlined. I’m not complaining, I don’t like dying every five feet, but I do miss the feeling of being a real hunter and the sense of danger.

Change is always guaranteed in life, and my hunter is no exception.

I’m excited to see what changes hunters will have in the future. The class has continued to evolve and grow. Hunters have come a long way from being the butt of jokes.

I’d love to see player housing in the future. The garrison system in Warlords of Draenor wasn’t what players had in mind. I’d love to have my pets in my stable at my house. But, I know Blizzard won’t do that because it would sacrifice a raid tier. In fact, I believe they had a tombstone as a joking reference to that in Warlords.

The Journey’s Not Over

Well met: Alzéanz!

You’ll be seeing me play him the most. I also play a goblin hunter quite often. I’ll introduce you to my goblin hunter as well, as I continue to play one of the best MMO games around.

Happy hunting!

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