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Twitch Livestream: Get Ready for Spyells!

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EDIT: As of August 12, 2019, my Twitch stream is on a hiatus. You may see me streaming on occasion if I’m recording something, but at the moment I’m trying to focus on other projects. Thank you for understanding!


Hello! I wanted to post my first World of Warcraft twitch live stream. I’m excited to share my journey through Azeroth with all of you.

When I first played World of Warcraft during Wrath of the Lich King, I never imagined that I would be streaming it someday.

I don’t believe twitch livestreams were a thing back then. Now I can’t imagine the world of gaming without it.


Spyells First Twitch Livestream May 3, 2019


Wading Through the Treacherous Wilds

I didn’t realize players streamed video games until a few years ago. At first, I thought it was interesting that people would watch someone plays, but then I discovered twitch, and I realized watching a game was fun.

Twitch has given players a way to connect in ways we hadn’t before. We talk in the chat rooms, the streamers communicate to us, and major video game media pay attention to what goes on in the world of streaming. Video game developers are aware of the power the twitch streamers possess and offer them early access to games so they can stream the content.

This has led to many frustrated fans in the gaming community who feel there is a streamer bias. Streamers are influencers in the gaming industry, and as long as they have a platform, it probably won’t change any time soon.

Streamers have the ability to influence the games we play. As of May 2019, the top streamers for World of Warcraft are Asmongold and Sodapoppin’. Every time I log onto Twitch both of them average about 20k viewers or more per streaming session.


Twitch: Here I come!

I’ve thought about streaming for years. So recently I decided to try to wade through the treacherous wilds of streaming because it looked like a great time. I wanted to relax and meet new people.

As I’m just starting out, I must grow my channel. In time, I’m sure the community and fun will follow. The journey is an exciting and rewarding one. But, if I really want to be a successful on twitch, I should pick up Twitch for Dummies to get a head start. LOL!


I hope you’ll join me in Azeroth and follow my channel. I’ll be streaming every Friday from 6 pm – 8 pm PST. Maybe I’ll hunt a few rares, or snag Oondasta for myself (that’s if I can catch the dinosaur alive).


I’d like to remind you this blog is home. Your faction doesn’t matter, just come and say hi. If you find a typo, or if I committed the cardinal sin of incorrectly stating a lore fact or stat, please send me a message here:!

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Happy Hunting!



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