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A Personal Message To Warcraftlover Readers

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Hi Warcraftlover Readers,

I hope everyone is doing well. Shadowlands will be released soon and I’m sure everyone is excited. I’m writing this letter to let you know I’ve been sick for the past eight months. Currently, I’m in treatment for depression and medication has me really sick. Don’t worry I’m still working on the World of Warcraft content you all love. I’m just hoping you’ll be understanding if I miss a week or two of posting.

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Sometimes I’m so sick it’s hard for me to write. Also, having a blog is more than just writing content. I’m responsible for keeping the website running in the background. So if the website has technical problems one week that can take up my time.

I also have to work with affiliate managers in order to bring you guys awesome products to showcase on the website. And, I also work with independent contractors in the background to help Warcraftlover’s epic content be discovered by amazing fans like you.

Hopefully, everyone continues to enjoy Warcraftlover’s content. I’m going to keep doing my best to provide you guys with great WoW related news, product reviews, and cool stuff. But, I do run the blog by myself. So I’m asking for understanding and patience during this difficult time.

Thank you for hanging out at my hearth.

Happy Hunting,



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