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Limit Wins World Of Warcraft Race To World First

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Yesterday, Limit won World of Warcraft race to world first in Ny’alotha. This marks the first win for a top North American guild in ten years. The last North American guild to win a world first race was Premonition in 2010. World firsts races involve the best guilds worldwide as they compete in Mythic level raids. Mythics are the hardest difficulty for high-level content in the game. Limit knocked European guild Method off its throne with this win. The ten-day race began on January 28. Problems ensued during the 12-boss raid when glitches were discovered during the race.

Several times Blizzard had to issue a hotfix for a glitch. At one point, N’Zoth the final boss of the raid was despawned for all players in the game no matter of difficulty. The glitch caused confusion and frustration for both the raiders and the viewers. Problems like these arise because Blizzard doesn’t test the Mythic raids on the public test realms. The concern is that the competing guilds could work out a strategy ahead of time and gain an advantage over their competitors.

Limit Wins World Of Warcraft Race To World First Continued.

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World-first races have become must-viewing for eSports fans. Guilds who compete in the races have created partnerships with big-name companies. These races bring in thousands of viewers worldwide. Limit is a part of the eSports organization Complexity. Their stream brought in about 50,000 viewers.

In the post-game interview below, Limit’s raid leader Maximum discussed his decision to not play during the race. His guild tried a new strategy where he leads them from the sidelines. Ultimately, he felt this helped their team succeed. He wasn’t sure if this would change the strategies of the other teams, but he felt this strategy was good for his team.

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