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N’Zoth’s Ending And Ny’alotha Raid Finale Impressions (Spoilers)

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Disclaimer: N’Zoth’s Ending And Ny’alotha Raid will include spoilers. The post will include my opinion on the finale and the Battle for Azeroth expansion as a whole.

N’Zoth’s Ending And Ny’alotha Raid wasn’t great. Battle for Azeroth (BFA) had problems. The expansion began by placing the faction conflict front and center. Throughout the expansions life span, we somehow ended up in Nazjatar and then in Ny’alotha. BFA had a lot going on, but that didn’t make it a good expansion.

Storylines were all over the place. Characters gained new powers with no explanation. Villians that deserved their own expansions got shafted, and zones that deserved to be whole continents were rushed. BFA was packed with a lot of dangling thread pieces. One of the biggest head-scratchers was Banshee Queen Sylvanas.

Somehow Sylvanas had become so strong in the past few expansions that she was able to defeat the Lich King. Suspense is lost when the audience is confused. BFA had a lot of disappointing things. So let’s dive in and take a look.

N’Zoth’s Ending And Ny’alotha Raid Finale

The Faction Conflict Reared It’s Head Again

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In the beginning, the Battle for Azeroth appeared to be about the faction conflict. Sylvanas was the main baddie, or at least we believed she was. Every new content update featured Sylvanas being more terrible than the week before.

The Horde was in shambles. High Overlord Saurfang decided to betray the Horde and he created his own rebellion. His rebellion caused him to ally with the Alliance. The High Overlord was a traitor.

Saurfang faced Sylvanas in the Mok’gora. The High Overlord knew he was going to lose. His plan was to make Sylvanas reveal her true colors. She hates to fail and Saurfang’s plan worked. During the fight, Sylvanas accidentally yelled that the Horde was nothing. The side-eye Sylvanas got from Bannerbae was epic. After Sylvanas slipped up, she killed Saurfang and then poofed out of the scene in Team Rocket style.

Faction Conflict Continued.

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Players do have pride in their faction, but the conflict has begun to feel forced throughout the years. Every expansion the Horde and Alliance work together to defeat a larger threat. At this point, the faction conflict is hard to take seriously. Battle for Azeroth meandered along as the factions fought a war with no purpose.

Sylvanas burned down Teldrassil and ignited this conflict. Clearly, Sylvanas was angry with the Night Elves for some reason. Maybe the plot will make more sense someday.

The Sylvanas drama overshadowed everything else in the plot. Both Kul Tiras and Zandalar had amazing story arcs, but they’ve been forgotten. Azeroth is still dying. Apparently, saving Azeroth wasn’t important because Sylvanas stole the show. Also, N’Zoth was a threat lurking in the background, but any foreshadowing of his character was lost. The Old God stuff crept up on the player base. Old Gods are like those creepy creatures who hide under your bed at night, but their shock value was wasted because of Sylvanas hogging the spotlight.

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N’Zoth’s Ending And Ny’alotha Raid – Sinking Into Nazjatar

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Soon we’ll discuss N’Zoth’s ending and Ny’alotha raid finale, but as the expansion went on nothing got better. Fans were excited to venture to Nazjatar in patch 8.2. Queen Azshara was highly anticipated. But, when fans visited Nazjatar it was a small zone with a rushed story.

Nazjatar could’ve been its own expansion. The Warcraft lore talks about how magnificent Queen Azshara’s kingdom is. The zone had wasted potential. Queen Azshara also was bad enough to be the villain of her own expansion.

Players discover that Sylvanas and Queen Azshara had made a deal. Queen Azshara was working with N’Zoth. We realize during the Eternal Palace raid that we’ve all been played by Queen Azshara. Our champions unintentionally freed N’Zoth from his prison. For the first time in World of Warcraft history, an Old God was on the loose.

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Azeroth Is Dying

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Legion ended with Sargeras stabbing Azeroth. All of the Battle for Azeroth we were dealing with the repercussions of this strike. BFA is ending with no resolution to the problem. Azeroth is bleeding. Our champions still have their Heart of Azeroth but they’re not doing anything with it.

The ending left fans with no resolution and no bridge to Shadowlands. It doesn’t make sense for our characters to run off to Shadowlands while Azeroth still needs her heroes.

Azeroth should’ve been a major focus. There was so much going on in this expansion that it was hard to care. We had awesome characters like Wrathion popping up toward the end of the expansion. Wrathion is a fan favorite, but even his light is overshadowed by BFA’s flaws. Blizzard needs to figure out how our champions will save Azeroth before we go running off to the Realm of Death.

N’Zoth’s Ending And Ny’alotha Raid – Old God Woes

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N’Zoth’s ending and Ny’alotha raid finale wasn’t what we expected. The Old Gods are based on Lovecraftian lore. So the Old Gods are literally the stuff of nightmare. A void based expansion where we focused on the Old Gods would’ve been fantastic. The Black Empire shouldn’t have been relegated to a raid.

Players should’ve been able to explore the Black Empire in its entirety. The Black Empire is a frightening and compelling place. Just imagine the unique stuff we would’ve found in N’Zoth’s twisted world.

The Old Gods are some of World of Warcraft’s most popular villains. Fans were shafted by Blizzard choosing to underutilize them. Warcraft’s story always made the Old Gods sound indestructible. The Titans didn’t destroy the Old Gods because their demise could’ve damaged Azeroth. The player character vanquishing N’Zoth may look cool, but it doesn’t make any sense to the lore. It’s just like Blizzard deciding that Night Elves can suddenly become undead and turn against Elune. These are major plot holes that must be addressed.

Old Gods Continued.

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The N’Zoth’s ending and Ny’alotha raid finale was disappointing. Blizzard treated N’Zoth the same way they did Bolvar, the Lich King. The story makes all of these villains seem powerful and difficult to defeat. Now it’s hard to take N’Zoth or the Lich King seriously.

Players want the villains to be a looming threat. During the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Arthas was an ever-looming menace. The fans knew that Arthas meant business and never once did we question his power. Blizzard has lost sight of what made bad guys in World of Warcraft a hazard.

Sylvanas was evil, but I want to know why. When villains have a goal it makes them more interesting. Especially if the evildoer believes that what they’re doing is for the greater good. This is why we’ve had great antiheroes in the past like Illidan. A misguided criminal is way more interesting than a cartoon villain.

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Final Thoughts

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Battle for Azeroth had promise but failed to deliver. Blizzard has produced higher-quality content in the past. We know the company can create epic entertainment for the masses.

Shadowlands appears to be a step in the right direction. The teaser trailer shown at BlizzCon 2019 featured more of Sylvanas, but the concept of visiting the Realm of Death is intriguing.

World of Warcraft had faced hiccups before. Warlords of Draenor is considered the worst WoW expansion. World of Warcraft bounced back with Legion. So it’s possible for the game to find it’s footing again.

World of Warcraft is still worth playing especially for new players. With fifteen years of content, epic heroes, and sweeping views the game is not one to be missed. Battle for Azeroth may not have been the best expansion, but it wasn’t the worst. Azeroth will be reeling from the repercussions of BFA for many years. Azeroth still needs the help of our champions. The faction conflict has been put to rest for now, but the Alliance has disagreements among its leadership. Old Gods don’t just die. There’s a possibility that N’Zoth is still out there in some way. Maybe if Blizzard makes a void based expansion we’ll see.

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