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Warcraft III Reforged Disappointed Fans

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Warcraft III Reforged disappointed fans. The game launched last week with bugs. Blizzard Entertainment promised fans an epic experience for the classic real-time strategy (RTS) game. The backlash from fans was swift and the game has a 0.5 review score on Metacritic. Players requested refunds in droves.

World of Warcraft was incredibly successful due to Warcraft III. The Warcraft series of games began in the 1990s and paved the way for WoW. When Blizzard announced they were updating Warcraft III fans were excited, but the reforged version of the game fell short. The iconic fight between Illidan and Arthas was terrible. Blizzard didn’t recreate the scene in CGI and the character’s movements were stiff. The game has so many problems that players are listing them in bullet points.

The Warcraft series of games helped make Blizzard the company it is today. So it’s disheartening that Blizzard wouldn’t show the same love and care toward Warcraft III. Blizzard no longer produces quality games. The company wouldn’t release a game if it didn’t match their standards. Now it seems that Blizzard has lost its way.

Warcraft III Reforged Disappointed Fans

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When Blizzard announced Warcraft III Reforged at BlizzCon 2018 the excitement was high. Their Starcraft Remastered had been well-received. Starcraft Remastered was praised for its graphics and commitment to the original. Blizzard had managed to produce a quality game that matched the companies standards. So things were looking good for Warcraft III Reforged.

Blizzard outsourced the game. Lemon Sky Studios is a company in Malaysia that’s known for creating art assets for video games.  They’ve worked with companies like Disney, Naughty Dog, Capcom, and Sega. In the YouTube video below, you can see examples of their work from 2018.

Warcraft III Reforged is more than artwork. By releasing this version of the game, Blizzard has erased the original one. Classic Warcraft III is no more. The original campaign data is gone, and players are angry.

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What Classic Warcraft 3 Meant To Fans

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Warcraft III Reforged Disappointed fans. Classic Warcraft III meant a lot to people. Warcraft III was the most successful PC game during its time. It was the fastest-selling PC game in history at that time because it sold one million copies in its first month of release. Warcraft III was so good that it inspired popular games like League of Legends. The RTS genre of games is largely dead today, but Warcraft III still had a dedicated fanbase who played the game.

When Warcraft III was released I was in middle school. My best friend at the time had a copy of the game. He let me borrow it and I played Warcraft III a lot. After I’d do my homework I’d hop on the computer and play until late. Warcraft III amazed me by its visuals and story. My favorite villain of all time is still Arthas. The game was special and no other game at the time could compare. World of Warcraft wouldn’t be what it is today without Warcraft III. I remember how excited I was for Wrath of the Lich King.

Blizzard should be ashamed for releasing a subpar version of Warcraft III. The game has meant so much to millions of fans worldwide. Without Warcraft III I never would’ve become a World of Warcraft fan. Blizzard needs to return to its core values. The company was once known for creating epic entertainment with high-quality standards. They must return to this mentality so they don’t lose their most loyal fans.

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