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World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Beta Opt-In

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The Shadowlands Beta Opt-In is here. On World of Warcraft’s official website, you can opt-in to the Shadowlands beta by clicking the Beta Opt-In words at the top right of the page. Shadowlands is the next World of Warcraft expansion. Players will venture to the Realm of Death to face the mysterious Jailer. A player character traverses through the Shadowlands when they die, but the Shadowlands expansion will be the first time we’re exploring the Realm of Death in detail.

Shadowlands Beta Opt-In will feature new zones. Each zone has it’s own theme. Ardenweald has the Night Fae and is connected to the Emerald Dream. In Bastion, the Kyrians are connected to the Valkyr and Spirit Healers. Heroes like Uther the Lightbringer can be found here. The gothic-inspired zone of Revendreth is where all the prideful spirits go. Here you’ll find vampiric like beings called the Venthyr. The zone of Maldraxxus is where dark beings like Necromancers get their power. Maldraxxus is also where the Lich King draws his power from.

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Beta-Opt In

Why you should be excited about the beta

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Battle for Azeroth wasn’t WoW’s best expansion. Shadowlands Beta Opt-In is exciting. The Shadowlands beta will be getting a lot of buzz within the coming months. Opting in to the beta doesn’t guarantee you a spot, but it doesn’t hurt to opt-in anyway.

When Sylvanas tore apart the Lich King’s helm she opened a gateway. Icecrown Citadel isn’t just where the Lich King hangs out. Apparently, Icecrown is also a door into the Realm of Death. The Shadowlands expansion will answer questions fans have had for years. We’ll finally know the origin of the Spirit Healers, and also receive answers about Bwonsamdi’s boss.

Since BFA ended with the void theme maybe Shadowlands is connected to the Void Lords. World of Warcraft has an intricate cosmology. The forces of light and darkness aren’t the only ones. Shadowlands could also provide us with a chance to see old favorites again. Warcraft lore has tons of heroes and villains that have died throughout the story. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to meet them again.

Are you excited about Shadowlands Beta Opt-In? Please, leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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