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Classic WoW Pre-Launch Test and Interview

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Hi guys! Blizzard posted a message on their forums for the Classic WoW Pre-launch test. The test will begin on Thursday, August 8th at 11:00 AM PDT and will end on Friday, August 9th.

All World of Warcraft players with a current subscription or game time can participate. Players can level their characters to level 15. Blizzard is asking players to log in for the first two hours so they can test the game for launch issues.

Are you excited to participate in the Classic WoW pre-launch test? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

This week the fandom also received an awesome interview from about Classic WoW. Lead software engineer, Brian Birmingham, and senior software engineer Omar Gonzalez were interviewed.

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Classic WoW is Coming

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Now that we’ve covered the Classic WoW pre-launch test, let’s get into the interview by

The interview began with Brian and Omar discussing the epic end of the beta. The Firelord was spawned in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar. The giant Firelord rained down fire and brimstone on the players littering the ground with fresh corpses. By spawning Ragnoros, they wanted to recreate the feeling of a small community from the early days, and they wanted to give the players an experience they’d never forget.

I remember during Wrath that WoW still had a sense of community. Players would offer me a helping hand as I attempted to complete difficult quests. Some players would just stop and say hello. I even remember players from the opposing faction waving at me in a friendly manner, as they assisted me in killing a boss. It was also common for players to cast a buff on you which would raise your stats.

Game masters were more prevalent in the game. If you had a problem, a game master would find your location and make sure you were okay. There were also famous game master jokes, most were corny but fun. I miss that sense of community, and I’m excited to see it return in Classic WoW.

Player habits can change over 15 years. The interviewer, Robert Purchase, asked Omar and Brian if they’ve noticed any differences in player habits. They emphasized player enthusiasm. The developers were happy to see players exploring the world, interacting with other players, and choosing to play the game late into the night.

Classic WoW Pre-launch Test: Interview Continued

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Classic WoW will have six phases of content. This is exciting news because we’ll be able to experience Vanilla the way it was when Blizzard rolled out content.

Layering is a controversial issue in Classic WoW. When you experience layering in retail WoW, it’ll be as if you’re on a different layer of your server. So even if you and a friend log in at the same time, you may not see each other. You can read about layering (sharding) in Classic WoW.

Brian said that Blizzard was testing the feature. So the levels of layering on the beta were lower so Blizzard could test it. Layering helps to control the population on a server so we experience less trouble while playing.

They weren’t sure if Classic WoW would have long ques. It depends on how many people show up. I remember waiting in long ques in Wrath. It was exciting and frustrating to wait for 30 minutes or more, but when I got on the game it was so worth it.

Dalaran was always packed during Wrath. The lag was terrible though. I’d be running through the majestic streets of the magical city, with its tall purple spires, and my game would just freeze.

One of the most exciting aspects of the interview was how Blizzard is dealing with the Classic launch. Classic WoW is being treated as important as a new expansion. All hands will be on deck. Omar said they’re going to be set up like a NASA mission control room. Just imagining that has me pumped to play Classic. And, to Shop for Zippered Tote Bag, World of Warcraft Collection – Cute But Deadly.

The Drums of War will Thunder Again

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The WoW fandom certainly received exciting news this week. Now that we know that the Classic WoW pre-launch test will be August 8th, it makes it feel more real. Check out my Classic WoW beginners guide. The guide is also helpful if you’d just like a refresher on what to expect in Classic.

BlizzCon 2019 is coming up in November. Read my predictions for retail WoW’s new expansion.

I’d also like to let everyone know that my twitch stream is on a small hiatus. I’m trying out new things and I hope it comes off well when I’m ready to show it.

Thank you for hanging out at my hearth.

Happy Hunting!



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