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World of Warcraft Patch 8.2: New Areas to Explore

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This week we have news about the World of Warcraft patch. WoW Game Director Ion Hazzikostas did a Forbes interview. He discussed the upcoming World of Warcraft patch “Rise of Azshara.” The patch is said to be one of the larger content updates so far in the expansion.

So, let’s dive right in.

Exploration: New Zones in World of Warcraft

The new World of Warcraft patch “Rise of Azshara” will feature two new explorable zones. These zones will be the larger Nazjatar and the smaller Mechagon.

Nazjatar is similar to Tanaan Jungle and Argus. Apparently, the zone will have a base like structure. You’ll build your own base, have guards, and find rares. It also shares the same endgame type of feel similar to Argus. Quests are very Horde and Alliance focused. The factions want ot know how to stop Azshara.

The zone is reminiscent of Townlong Steppes in Mists of Pandaria where we had followers like bodyguards. In the World of Warcraft patch, this zone is an improvement from Townlong, Broken Shore, and Argus.

“It’s a traditional endgame sort of zone, so it’s cut from some of that same cloth. There’s the more natural kelp forest, that was just recently submerged, where we can see the ruins of the ships of the fleet that have foundered.” Hazzikostas said.

Mechagon is a smaller zone. It’s similar to the Timeless Isle where we’ll be exploring. The mechadungeon won’t be available right off the bat.

Get Ready for the Changes Ahead

In the World of Warcraft patch, there are changes to the Heart of Azeroth system. Which include a socket for Heart of Azeroth essences. The socket will function similar to a glyph did back in the day, where you can add more stamina or agility to a character.

Pathfinder part 2 will finally be available and if you grind it out, you should have flying unlocked within a few weeks.

I’m honestly super excited about exploring the new zones. There was information about Season 3, mythic + and Benthic Gear, but my interests lay in questing and exploration.

If you find a typo, or if I committed the cardinal sin of incorrectly stating a lore fact or stat, please send me a message here:!

Happy Hunting!



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