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Rise of Azshara Release Date!

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Hey guys! The Rise of Azshara release date is announced! Patch 8.2 will drop June 25, 2019.

It’s hitting us a week before Final Fantasy XIV drops their next expansion Shadowbringers. Now, Blizzard has always claimed they don’t compete with other MMO’s for our attention.

Blizzard shouldn’t sweat it though. I mean, it’s not like Final Fantasy XIV has 16 million subscribers…yikes!

So, what can we expect on the Rise of Azshara release date? Let’s go through a quick rundown of what to expect in patch 8.2. Patch 8.2 will include upgrades to our Heart of Azeroth, two new outdoor zones, a new raid, and flying. The patch includes mount equipment slots, Gnome, and Tauren Heritage Armor, and Stratholme battle pet dungeons.

The War Campaign continues the story. There are new pets, mounts, toys, and new transmogs and collectibles. All professions will have new and upgraded items. So, let’s get into more detail.

Rise of Azshara Release Date: Nazjatar

We’re finally going to Nazjatar. Queen Azshara resides in her watery domain. She’s parted the seas and is waiting for us to arrive. I wonder what kind of underwater horrors wait for us.

What’s awesome about this zone is Blizzard won’t have us swimming underwater. They learned their lesson from Vashji’r in Cataclysm. I’ve never liked Vashj’ir. Underwater mechanics are awkward to me. I only quested down there long enough to tame Ghostcrawler for Alzéanz.

Anyway, Nazjatar isn’t anything like Vashj’ir, in fact, Nazjatar is like the Timeless Isle. On the Timeless Isle, there were mini-events and rare spawns. There are several storylines all over Nazjatar. Each storyline will culminate into the final showdown with Queen Azshara herself in the raid Azshara’s Eternal Palace.

Each rare will have an Azshara themed buff. Nazjatar has five subzones.  The zone will have an emissary cache.

New rewards in the zone include a seahorse mount and a crab mount which walks sideways. If you’re into battle pets, you can also get a baby naga pet.

Nazjatar introduces the Benthic Gearing System. The gearing system allows players to upgrade their open-world armor to Heroic Palace of Azshara item level.

The Rusted Vault: Mechagon

The second new zone won’t be available on the Rise of Azshara release date. The zone is called Mechagon. This zone will drop a few weeks after the patch releases. Here we’ll find the Mechagnomes who are ruled by King Mechagon. The Mechagnomes have robotic body parts and the more they have, the more significant they are.

We’ll access this new zone in Tiragrade Sound in the Rusted Vault. The area contains portal players will travel through. Mechagon is smaller than Nazjatar.

Mechagon is old school. It reminds me of Vanilla. You’ll have to find quests. Your quests won’t be available to view on your map.

Hunters will be getting a new pet to tame here. We can tame tidal guardians. If you’re into mount collecting, you can obtain a Mechano-wheel mount and a crab mount, and a Snapdragon mount. You can collect a customizable robot pet.

There’s a new pseudo-profession called Junkyard Tinkering. Players can gather different types of crafting materials and blueprints for Pascal – K1N6. You can unlock goodies like pets, toys, etc. and earn the achievement Junkyard Architect.

You’ll have to grind in Mechagon. Rares will have long spawn timers. If you run out of stuff to do, just kill mobs and farm.

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Rise of Azshara Release Date: Azshara’s Eternal Palace

Azshara’s Eternal Palace is the new raid. It’s dropping with Mechagon a few weeks after the Rise of Azshara release date. There will be a boss who is completely underwater. Druids are at an advantage thanks to their aquatic form.

According to WoW Head, there will be eight bosses in total in the raid: The bosses include:

  • Abyssal Commander Sivara
  • Underwater Monstrosity
  • Rage of Azshara
  • Orgozoa
  • Lady Priscilla Ashavane (as a water monster)
  • The Queen’s Court
  • Za’qul, Hearld of N’Zoth
  • Queen Azshara.

Mechadungeon: Operation: Mechagon

Mechagon will be a Mythic+ the only dungeon split into two Heroic and Mythic+ difficulty modes. The dungeon will be close to Karazhan in size. We must stop King Mechagon. He wants to turn anything flesh into robots.

There is a secret hard mode version of the fourth boss. The boss is HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit. To activate the boss, you must defeat the previous three bosses in a specific order.

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Rise of Azshara Release Date: Queen Azshara is Waiting

It felt like we were never getting a Rise of Azshara release date. I’m glad we know now.

I’m excited to continue the War Campaign and explore new zones. Let me know in the comments what you’re looking forward to in patch 8.2.

Have a pint and hang out for a while. Check out my review on the WoW Cookbook.

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

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