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BlizzCon 2020 Has Been Canceled

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BlizzCon 2020 has been canceled. A few weeks ago, Saralyn Smith, the Executive Producer of BlizzCon, posted a note regarding the convention due to the current pandemic. At that time, Smith wasn’t sure if having BlizzCon would be possible. The COVID-19 pandemic is still a global crisis. A mass gathering of thousands of people could put everyone at risk. She finally gave us confirmation in her update on BlizzCon today.

BlizzCon is usually where major announcements happen. A convention is also a great place for Blizzard fans to meet. The convention is home to major esports competitions. Also, a lot of content creators usually go to the convention to check out new content and share it with their fans.

Smith said in her update that Blizzard may host a virtual event early next year. She sounds confident that BlizzCon will happen in the future, but that 2020 isn’t the right time.

BlizzCon 2020 Has Been Canceled

alt="blizzcon 2020 has been canceled"/>

Warcraft fans have a lot to look forward too. Shadowlands is the next expansion. So expect to see the new Shadowlands expansion around the holiday season.

Also, WoW Classic fans may have a Classic Burning Crusade announcement coming soon. Blizzard Entertainment sent out surveys a few weeks ago asking fans about the Burning Crusade expansion.

The Classic fandom has been divided on whether the Burning Crusade expansion should come next, or if WoW Classic should have a Classic plus. There’s also been a section of the WoW Classic community that wanted #nochanges, as they wanted WoW Classic to be a faithful recreation of Vanilla WoW. Regardless of where you fall in the WoW Classic debate, no BlizzCon means that any potential announcement will have to wait.

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