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Corrupted Gear Is The New Titanforging In World of Warcraft

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Corrupted gear is the new Titanforging in World of Warcraft. On the public test realms (PTR) you can try out the new system. Each piece of corrupted gear gives you a positive stat and a negative effect. When I first looked this up last week I was scratching my head. Gear in World of Warcraft has come a long way from earning valor and justice points.

Back in my day (yeah…I sound old. LOL!) we would visit vendors in our capital cities. Earning points was easy enough to understand, and we mostly ran dungeons, raids, or did dailies. Now, Blizzard is so determined to make our gear extra complex it boggles my mind. You shouldn’t need a dictionary, a college degree, and a Google search to understand your gear.

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Most players just want our gear to look epic and function properly. We don’t want RNG (random number generator) stacked upon RNG in order to get our gear. We also don’t want all of our gear to be placed into one big boring system. I’m not sure why Blizzard wants to overcomplicate a simple concept. Thank goodness we can play WoW Classic because you can see the difference is like night and day. The game was more simplistic, but it required hard work and dedication.

Retail shines when it concerns holiday activities, transportation (flight), and ease of access. There’s also more to explore in World of Warcraft than in Classic. Blizzard is losing me with this Corruption gear though.

What do you think of the Corrupted gear system? Do you feel it’s better than Titanforging? Will you miss your Benthic gear? Leave a comment below!

Corrupted Gear Is The New Titanforging in World of Warcraft

How Does Corrupted Gear Work?

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So, just what is Corrupted gear and is it better than Titanforging? Corrupted gear is the new armor we’re getting in Patch 8.3 Visions of N’Zoth. The gear system will give you awesome stats for your class. Thematically the gear fits with the storyline. So that’s pretty cool. On Wowhead they’ve listed the helpful boosts you’ll receive from wearing Corrupted gear. These include:

  • Your Avoidance is increased by an amount equal to X% of your Haste.
  • Increases the amount of Haste you gain from all sources by X%.
  • Raises the amount of Mastery you gain from all sources by X%.
  • Increases the amount of Critical Strike you gain from all sources by X%.
  • Increases the amount of Versatility you gain from all sources by X%.
  • X% of total Health Regeneration now continues during Combat.
  • Increases your healing received from all sources by X%.
  • Increases your Leech by X%.
  • Your spells and abilities have a chance to grant you a Flash of Clarity, reducing the cooldown of your next 3 spells cast by 2 sec.
  • Increases the damage you deal with Critical Strikes by X%.
  • Reduces your damage taken from periodic effects by X%.

Why You’re Going To Want Corrupted Gear And Why You Should Be Careful


Let’s start with the good news. The bonuses on Corrupted gear look delicious. You’ll be dying to get your hands on these armor pieces so you can have those awesome stats. You may have increased healing, better damage output, or a faster cooldown. The problem is that each piece of gear also comes with corruption. Depending on the tier the gear is from will determine how much corruption is on the gear.

Tier 1 gear has 5-10 corruption, tier 2 gear has 12-17 corruption, but tier 3 has 20-25 corruption. The more corruption you equip then the more it affects your character. That’s because each piece of armor with corruption stacks the negative stat. So if you’re not careful then you’ll be getting one-shotted in all of your encounters. Yikes!

Negative Effects You May Experience Because Of Corrupted Gear


Corrupted Gear is the new Titanforging in World of Warcraft. So your character will show it’s been corrupted in both cosmetic and direct ways. These effects are RNG and you don’t know when they’ll occur. Which makes them super damaging during group content. When you get your first piece of corrupted gear they’ll start with the Grasping Tendrils debuff. Their movement speed is slowed down, and can stack so high that you’re moving at a snails pace. When your character has enough corruption on them then you’ll begin to see a black aura around them.

Corrupted Zone appears when you have more than 20 corruption. A shadowy damage zone appears underneath you and you’ll need to run out of it. Imagine this popping up during a raid where everyone has to stack for a raid mechanic. The Corrupted Zone just screams of disaster to me.

Next, we’ve got the Grand Delusion when you have more than 40 corruption. The Grand Delusion is basically an ugly void creature thing that randomly chases you. Then you have the Creeping Death when you have 60 corruption which means you’ll take a lot more damage and less healing.

How to Cleanse Corrupted Gear

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As you can see the number of corruption can add up. If your corruption goes above 60 then you may be in hot water. Your character might be one-shotted with all those negative status effects. Blizzard clearly wants us to choose how important power is to us. If you choose to equip all Corrupted gear you’ll be paying a heavy price.

Now, there is a way to cleanse the gear, but it’ll require you to also give up the positive stat too. The legendary cloak Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve that you’ll receive from Wrathion will help you fight off the corruption. There’s also a new minor slot being added to the Heart of Azeroth which helps you repel the corruption.

Corrupted Gear Is The New Titanforging In World of Warcraft

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Do you think Corrupted Gear is better than Titanforging? Please leave a comment below.

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