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Possible World of Warcraft Expansion Leaks

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CONFIRMED: World of Warcraft Shadowlands was confirmed during BlizzCon 2019.

Let’s discuss possible World of Warcraft expansion leaks and theories. We’ve had new Shadowlands leaks which look legit. A few months ago a 4chan leak got the fandom talking about the next expansion. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is being bounced around as a potential expansion idea thanks to the 4chan leak. BlizzCon 2019 is in November and a new expansion announcement will be here before you know it, so we’ll finally receive answers to all of our questions. We’re also getting hints about a possible death-themed expansion from recent patch 8.3 leaks.

The current storyline in World of Warcraft hasn’t been the most popular. Battle for Azeroth began with a mass genocide when Horde Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner burned Teldrassil to the ground. WoW fans are still waiting for Night Elven Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind to get her revenge for Sylvanas ruining her home.

Blizzard also needs to find a way to save Azeroth from her wounds. The end of Legion saw Azeroth being mortally wounded when Sargeras stabbed the planet with his sword. Sargeras is a fallen titan and he’s been focused on destroying Azeroth and the cosmos with his Burning Legion for ages. The Pantheon (titans) put the fallen titan in his place by trapping him to the Seat of the Pantheon. Now, Illidan Stormrage is watching Sargeras ensure he doesn’t escape.

Patch 8.2.5 is out. We know that Wrathion is searching for the Dragon Isles. Magni sends us to go look for the Black Prince, but when we show up to Karazhan he’s already gone. The Black Prince hasn’t shown up in the lore for a while, but his agents are roaming around gaining information though. Visiting the Dragon Isles in a new expansion could definitely be exciting.

Azeroth is also in hot water lately because the Old God N’Zoth is on the loose. During our raid encounter with Queen Azshara in her Eternal Palace, the player character accidentally freed the Old God from his prison. N’Zoth may try to bring back the Black Empire. If the Black Empire were to rise again, then Azeroth would probably enter the darkest age yet.

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Possible World of Warcraft Expansion Leaks

New Screenshot and a Raid in Stormwind?

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Leaked Screenshot of Stormwind Harbor

A new screenshot of Stormwind harbor surfaced last week. It appears to be of Stormwind during a raid or alternate reality, as the ships and NPC’s (non-playable characters) are green and transparent. The water has an interesting shadow effect, and the trees aren’t normal for Stormwind.

The screenshot was posted with a long block of text describing the end of Battle for Azeroth. If this leak is true, then we’ll be doing a raid in Stormwind to reclaim it from Sylvanas, and neither Horde or Alliance faction leaders will make it out alive. This means the final boss of the expansion isn’t Sylvanas, N’Zoth, Queen Azshara, or any other villain. The final villain of Battle for Azeroth is the Horde or the Alliance depending on your faction.

One of the main problems with this leak is some of the current plotlines are missing. Azeroth is wounded and the leak offered no conclusion.  Unless Blizzard intends to wrap up that storyline another way? But, regardless it still seems sketchy that no mention was made at all.

Also, the leak is saying that Bolvar Fordragon who is the current Lich King, is going to teleport out of nowhere and kill Lor’themar Theron. Why would Bolvar kill a blood elf he’s never met? Leave a comment if you know why. Maybe there’s something in Warcraft’s vast lore in which I’m missing.

Leaks aren’t fact. Take it with a grain of salt for now because we won’t know if it’s real until BlizzCon 2019. We’ve had some leaks which were true like with the Mists of Pandaria expansion years ago, but most leaks end up being false. Leakers generally take the most discussed speculation within the fandom and compile it together to make a ‘believable’ idea.

Has the New Leak Predicted the Next Expansion?

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According to the leak, the next expansion is taking us to the Shadowlands. During the Stormwind raid, Gallywix escaped the fight. He’ll find High Tinker Mekkatorque in his escape pod and will revive him. Then together they will devise a machine which will take us to the afterlife. This new device will function in a similar manner to the Dalaran Hearthstone, and it will allow you to come and go to the Shadowlands as you please. We’ll receive a new class called Tinker due to their collaboration.

Having a Tinker class would be pretty epic. Imagine grabbing enemies with your robotic arm, or even tossing a grenade their way. Playing a Tinker would be as exciting as playing a Bard, as many fans have requested a musical class for years. But, a Tinker class is exciting too. I’ve always enjoyed crafting unique trinkets with my Gnome Mage who’s an Engineer.

If a machine or device is all we need to enter the Shadowlands, why haven’t we just gone down there and revived the previous heroes? I’d love to have King Varian Wrynn return to the game. Of course, if we start resurrecting heroes, this also means we can bring back villains. Imagine Arthas returning and challenging Bolvar for the Lich King’s throne. I doubt that would ever happen, but it’s fun to think about. Maybe it could make a creative fanfiction.

Now, Gallywix and Mekkatorque working together is an interesting thought. Honestly, I figured they’d hate each other too much to work on anything. But, maybe I’m missing the whole picture? If their goals are to stop Sylvanas, or even to end the Old Gods, this would explain the unlikely pair teaming up. Gallywix is more interested in making money. So I do question if he’d suddenly care about the greater good.

I do recall doing a quest in the Horde War Campaign where Gallywix possibly showed remorse for the Night Elves losing Teldrassil. He mentioned that if he’d never told Sylvanas about the Azerite than Teldrassil would be still standing, but then he shrugged and continued to talk about his money. It was a quest during the Horde War Campaign which led to Gallywix fighting Mekkatorque on an airship in Kul Tiras. The title of the quest is alluding me at the moment though.

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Shadowlands Map: Are we Visiting Hades?

alt="possible world of warcraft expansion leaks - leaked photograph of Shadowlands map"/>

Leaked Photograph of Shadowlands Map

The Shadowlands map first appeared in July. It appears to be from a Blizzard board meeting by the picture. Youtuber Pyromancer created a video on his account about the leak. He was also a guest on Asmongold’s Twitch stream when he discussed this leak. Apparently, a couple of Blizzard employees contacted Pyromancer and gave him all the details. This leak ties into the new Stormwind raid screenshot.

Pyromancer does warn the viewers that most leaks aren’t real. The Shadowlands leak claims we’ll have two new continents which would be the Dragon Isles and the Shadowlands. We’ll meet old heroes. As well as the Old Gods who’re sleeping in Ny’alotha. The leak is claiming that Sylvanas is waging war in the name of death. She has the pact to honor with Helya.

The possible World of Warcraft expansion leak is beginning to look more possible with the more information we get. Especially because some of these leaks are beginning to connect, but they still have important key differences. 4Chan gave us the Age of Darkness leak stating that N’Zoth will release darkness to cover all of Azeroth. The differences include the level squish and a revamp of the Old World. Also, the Age of Darkness leak is claiming that Sylvanas will attack Thunder Bluff in patch 8.3, but the new photo of Stormwind harbor suggests she’s going to take the Alliance capital instead.

Characters in the storyline who are associated with death are getting screen time. So far in Battle for Azeroth, we’ve seen Bwonsamdi (the Loa of Death), Bolvar Fordragon (the current Lich King and Taelia’s father), and Helya. Vol’jin the former Horde warchief died in Legion. He leads the champion (us) on a quest. The goal was to discover who told Vol’jin to make Sylvanas warchief of the Horde. All three of them denied knowing anything about the situation. Bwonsamdi mentioned he had a boss, which suggests there is a God or Goddess of Death.

We’re also getting hints about Elune from this map. There is an Emerald Rifts, Sanctum of Elune, and Elunian Meadows. I’ve always figured she was a Titan or a God-like spirit. Maybe Elune is the Hades (like a Goddess of Death) of WoW? What do you think? Leave a comment with your theories.

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Possible World of Warcraft Expansion Leaks: Will Wrathion Find the Dragon Isles?

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The Dragon Isles were supposed to be in Vanilla WoW. They were located north of Lordaeron and west of Quel’thalas. It’s possible that Blizzard could make the next expansion about the dragon flights. Imagine playing a dragon as a hero class. Each Dragonflight has its own unique powers. It just seems cool to imagine controlling a bronze drake and have power over time.

With all the Old God lore recently this brings the black dragon flight into the spotlight. The black Dragonflight which was led by Neltharion (Deathwing), was corrupted by the Old Gods. When the Titans forged Azeroth they gave the black Dragonflight a task. Their job was to protect Azeroth. The Old Gods believed that Neltharion was a perfect candidate to rain destruction upon the world. Eventually, the corruption spread to the entire dragon flight. The Demon Soul was created during the War of the Ancients. It was from that moment that the black Dragonflight became a permanent threat to Azeroth.

Wrathion, the Black Prince, was born free of the Old God’s corruption because his egg was purified. He has been searching for the Dragon Isles. Wrathion could possibly be seeking a way to resist the corruption which has befallen the Black Dragonflight. The Black Prince has Blacktalon Agents throughout the game. These agents are spying on us and on the faction conflict. We can see some of his agents in Nazjatar.

What do you think about an expansion centered around the Dragon Isles? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Will we meet the Void Lords?

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Lately, the void has come up often in the game. It’s a unique concept because light and void must both exist. Void (shadow) is a chaotic substance found in the Great Dark Beyond (the universe). Life is both light and void (shadow). The Void can be controlled, but whispers from the beyond can drive anyone mad. It takes impressive will power not to fall prey to the madness.

Millions of years ago, the Void Lords created the Old Gods to act as a proxy for them. Since the Void Lords require an incredible amount of power to manifest this was their way to have a presence in the mortal realms. We’ve yet to see the Void Lords in-game, but I would imagine they’re large and powerful beings made of shadow. There are Void Lords within the game, but none of them seem to fit the description of what a Void Lord is.

In World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume I, the Void Lords are described as monstrous and composed of pure shadow. Void Lords are driven by an insatiable hunger to devour the universe. They seek to destroy all matter and energy they come across. Naaru which are like angelic beings of light is the exact opposite of void creatures. What’s unique about the Naaru though, is that if one is corrupted it’s turned into a void being.

During Legion Xe’ra, a powerful Naaru tried to force the light’s will by attempting to make Illidan give up the fel. The fel represents chaos and disorder, so it’s the opposite of Arcane which is order. But, Xe’ra’s plan backfired when Illidan blasted her to smithereens. If Xe’ra was using the light to force her will on others, then does this mean the light can be evil too? Maybe Blizzard is heading for moral ambiguity here. Which would mean the light and void are evil depending on how you see it.

We also have whispers from the Old Gods. One of which may pertain to the ‘boy-king’ Anduin Wrynn. The whisper states: “The boy-king serves at the master’s table. Three lies he will offer you.” Is it possible that Anduin is serving a creature from the Void? Maybe Anduin believes he’s following the light and isn’t aware of what is going on.

There is certainly enough material here to have a whole expansion.

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Could the next WoW Expansion take us to a New World?

alt="new wow expansion ideas ulduar planetarium"/>

Azeroth isn’t the only world in the game. We know this from adventuring to Outland and it’s the past form which is Draenor. There’s a possibility that Blizzard will have us visit another planet soon. The Moon Goddess Elune has come up often within the story. The Shadowlands map featured several areas referencing Elune. Night Elves and Tauren worship Elune. Both races are practitioners of Druidism. It’sbelieved that Elune is the mother of Cenarius, who’s the patron god of all Druids. As a result, Elune is connected to the Emerald Dream.  The Emerald Dream may connect to the Shadowlands.

The Emerald Dream is a spiritual realm, and multiple versions of Azeroth exist there. Some version of Azeroth are unfinished, but never the less the dream still holds the vision of what Azeroth could be. It was created by Freya. Many believe she wove the dream into being from nothing. Freya was a titan-keeper. Her job was to lead their titan-forged army against the Old Gods.  They assigned the green dragon aspect, Ysera, with watching over the dream. She became the Dreamer, but was awakened in Cataclysm. The green Dragonflight protects all the Emerald Dream portals scattered throughout Azeroth.

All of this could be leading us to the world Elunaria. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Moon Goddess Elune is a Titan. Eonar, was wounded when Sargeras attacked her with his blade. Eonar then hid on Elunaria in the Elunarian Sanctuary. As the Burning Legion closed in on her hiding place in Legion, she reached out to Magni Bronzebeard, the Speaker of Azeroth, to protect her from harm. Once she was safe, then she joined the rest of the titans. The Titans defeated Sargeras and imprisoned him to the Seat of the Pantheon.

Now, this leads us back to the Moon Goddess Elune and how she could play into the next expansion. During Legion, we had to acquire the Pillars of Creation. One of the pillars was the Tears of Elune. The titans gifted the pillars to the titan-forged keepers to protect Azeroth when it was young.

The Archmage Khadgar believed that Elune created the Prime Naaru during the ordering of light and shadow. Now, this is an interesting thought, because Elune could pop up in either the rumored Shadowlands or Age of Darkness expansions. No matter which leaks and rumors you read, the central theme of exploring life and death, and light and void are prominent. So it’s possible World of Warcraft may be exploring the complexities of life in the next expansion.

What are your thoughts about the possible World of Warcraft expansion leaks? Do any of these rumors seem legit? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Possible World of Warcraft Expansion Leaks

So, What’s Next?

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