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World of Warcraft Patch 8.2.5 Content Update Notes

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Blizzard has released the World of Warcraft patch 8.2.5 content update notes. The notes are jam-packed with Warcraft goodies. You can recruit friends with the new recruit a friend program, and you can earn the new Obsidian Worldbreaker mount. Patch 8.2.5 will come out just on September 24th for the US, and September 25th for the EU. It’s just in time for the 15th anniversary, which means Blizzard added lots of fun things for players to do. World of Warcraft’s 15th Anniversary has me stoked.

We’re finally going to see the new Bee mount called the Honeyback Harvester. The mount was shown at BlizzCon last year. This new patch will also include new raids, and it will conclude the War Campaign. So we’ll finally have our burning questions answered where Sylvanas is concerned. We’ll also be teaming up with Wrathion (the Black Prince) to help us with N’Zoth. The Old God will become an even larger problem soon, and we’ll need as many allies as we can get.

Lunar Festival is receiving an update. We’ll be able to complete the Rite of the Moon. This exciting adventure will take you around the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor as you help an old Druid bless her Staff of Moonflowers. Your reward is an enchantment to your flower crown so it never dies, and so you can transmog them year-round. Patch 8.2.5 has even more juicy goodness to discuss. So let’s go!

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World of Warcraft Patch 8.2.5 Content Update Notes

World of Warcraft’s 15th Anniversary

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For the anniversary we’ll all receive a gift when we log into the game. This year’s anniversary gift is the Lil’ Nefarian Pet. It looks like a black dragon whelpling. Your characters will gain an increase in experience and reputation as part of the Celebration Package. The event will give us an item, and it’ll teleport us to the Caverns of Time. It’ll only be available during the event. We can’t forget the fireworks! The package will also give you a reusable firework only usable during the event.

New Raids: Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

We’re also getting an awesome new raid. Chromie has separated the strands of time, which means we’ll be able to take part in past raid encounters. These epic encounters will be from the Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm expansions. There will be three iconic bosses in each raid. You’ll be able to access them through the raid finder. Be sure your item level is at least 380 or you won’t be able to participate in the event. Completing the event will award you the achievement Memories of Fel, Frost, and Fire. The achievement awards you the Obsidian Worldbreaker mount.

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Alterac Valley: Revisiting Old School Battleground

Alterac Valley will be inspired by its original version for the anniversary event. If you’re a mount collector than this is awesome. Completing Korrak’s Revenge gets you the Alterac Valley of Olde achievement. This awards you with the Stormpke Battle Ram (Alliance) and the Frostwolf Snarler (Horde).

Recruit a Friend Returns


Blizzard is bringing back the Recruit a Friend program. There’s been conflict over the new Recruit a Friend in the fandom lately. Many players have expressed concern about the new backpack and Indiana Jones-style clothing. Players are saying they’ve asked for this transmog option for years, and they don’t feel it’s fair to lock it behind a paywall. Lately, Blizzard has monetized World of Warcraft heavily. We’re seeing an increase in virtual products like in-game mounts.

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It would’ve made perfect sense as a reward for the Archaeology profession. What’s worse is you don’t get the rewards unless your friend pays for game time, which means I do understand where they’re coming from. It’s the same way I feel about allied races. Blizzard is a mega-rich company, so as a result, they’re going to prioritize profit. As fellow players, we just need to be understanding and not mock each other. For example, I may not like allied races because I feel I’m getting less for my money, but I can understand why someone wants to work to unlock a new character.

Recruit a Friend Details

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We’ll be able to recruit up to 10 friends with the new program. The old program was limited to recruiting new players. This new version will allow you to recruit veteran players who haven’t played in two years or more. You’ll receive a 50% bonus in leveling experience if you party with your friend, and summon each other every 30 minutes.

To invite your friends you can generate a custom link. The link will help you guys connect, and you’ll be able to see when they buy game time. You’ll receive more rewards they longer they’re subscription stays active. For every month your friend is subscribed there are new rewards. They will scale with the amount of time your friends are subscribed.


  • 1st Month – Rikki – He’s Monkey companion pet.
  • 2nd Month – Game Time
  • 3rd Month – Explorere’s Dunetrekker – A two-seater camel mount.
  • 4th Month – Title: Renowned Explorer
  • 5th Month – Game Time
  • 6th Month – Enchant: Stinging Sands – A weapon enchant that adds Swirling Sands to it.
  • 7th Month – Renowned Explorer’s Tabard
  • 8th Month – Game Time
  • 9th Month – Explorer’s Jungle Hopper – A two-seater flying mount.
  • 10th Month – Renowned Explorer’s Rucksack – It’s a backpack you can use for transmog.
  • 11th Month – Game Time
  • 12th Month -Renowned Explorer’s Attire – You can transmog your toon to look like a rugged outdoors person (Indiana Jones inspired attire).

Party Sync

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We’re also getting a new feature called Party Sync. If you Recruit a Friend it’ll allow you to play any character you want by scaling your level down to theirs. Party Sync will also allow you to ‘replay old quest’s with your friends. These quests can be completed once per day and will give you rewards appropriate to your current level.

You can also join your friends in instanced content like Battlegrounds and Raids. The Party Sync will scale your level down so you guys can do the instanced content together. You’ll temporarily lose access to high-level abilities like Azerite power, and traits, trinkets, and spells which are stronger than your reduced level. Party Sync can be accessed from the new Recruit a Friend panel. It’ll help you keep track of your next reward, and lists special activities. If you complete the in-game challenges with your recruits, then you’ll earn more rewards.

New Timewalking Raids

We’re also getting Firelands as a new timewalking raid. Players at the max-level can form groups to enter the raid at Sulfron Spire. Your gear and power will be scaled down. So you’ll be able to fight the bosses when they’re challenging.

Makeovers for Worgen and Goblin Character Models

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Worgen and Goblin character models are getting a refresh. You can view the new Worgen and Goblin models in Wowhead’s dressing room. The female Worgen model looks much nicer. They’re more expressive and look more alive.

alt="World of Warcraft Patch 8.2.5 Content Update Notes - male worgen model"/>

Both the male and female Worgen models have better-looking eyes. Worgen also has new running and casting animations. There are also new faces which include claw marks and scars.

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Goblins are looking okay. I’ve played a Goblin hunter since Cataclysm. I’m not sure how to feel about the new look yet. Many of the old looks aren’t available. Hopefully, I won’t feel as if I’m playing a new character when these changes go live.

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World of Warcraft Patch 8.2.5 Content Update Notes

World Quests and War Campaign

If you’ve leveled up your Heart of Azeroth to level 70, then World Quests will now award gold or war resources.

All Reputation requirements are removed from the following War Campaign quests:

    • Alliance:
    • “Crippling the Horde”
    • “Our Next Target”
    • “Intercepted Orders”
    • “Bringing Down the Fleet”
    • “Sensitive Intel”
    • “The Abyssal Scepter”
    • “The Fall of Zuldazar”
    • Horde:
    • “A Stroll Through a Cemetery”
    • “Tracking Tidesages”
    • “Journey to the Middle of Nowhere”
    • “When a Plan Comes Together”
    • “A Mech for a Goblin”
    • “Breaking Out Ashvane”
    • “War Is Here”
  • You can gain access to the War Campaign quest “Stay of Execution” easier because Nazjatar companions don’t need to reach level 3.

Black Market Auction House: More Goodies!

alt="World of Warcraft Patch 8.2.5 Content Update Notes - Hillsbrad Foothills"/>

The Black Market Auction House (BMAH) is where you can get rare and contraband goods. It’s run by the mysterious Madam Goya. She made her first appearance in World of Warcraft during the Mists of Pandaria expansion. You can find really rare mounts, and hard to obtain armor sets on the Black Market Auction House. In patch 8.2.5 the Black Market Auction House is getting new stuff. It’ll include new enchantment and transmogrifiable gear. There are also new mount listings added. The Grimoire of the Four Winds will no longer be available for purchase.

Player vs. Player

Battlegrounds: Epic Ashran

Epic Ashran and Epic Wintergrasp have changed. In Ashran, you can find a new ancient artifact called: Solar Sphere. The faction who gathers the sphere gains a 20% haste while controlled. Fangraal and Kronus cost 3,000 artifact power. They will deal increased damage, and they have a new cleave ability. Reinforcements are reduced from 300 to 150. All melee players within the Road of Glory now receive an increase to health with Front Line Fortitude by 100%. Killing the Ancient Inferno will cause the Ancient Artifact to spawn, which has changed from it randomly spawning on the map.

Epic Wintergrasp

Vehicles can’t be affected by slow or rooting effects. The Siege Engine has increased health. Catapults also deal with increased damage. Also, mercenaries can no longer benefit from the effects of Enlistment Bonus.

Bug Fixes

We also have a new round of bug-fixes. We can now kill the poor little chickens outside of Ironforge. Thank goodness this change was addressed. In all seriousness though, be sure to check out the bug fixes because some are important to your class, PvP encounters, and quests.

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World of Warcraft Patch 8.2.5 Content Update Notes

Only A Few Weeks To Go!

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Possible expansion leaks have been whirling around. We may be visiting the Shadowlands in the next expansion. Wouldn’t it be cool to visit the Realm of Death? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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