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Best Addons For WoW Classic (Updated)

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WoW Classic is rough around the edges, but that’s part of its charm. But, if you’d like to use addons to make your questing experience easier, then be sure to download the Twitch client.

When you look for new add-ons on Twitch, you’ll want to search for ‘WoW Classic’ or ‘Classic WoW’. The client doesn’t differentiate WoW addons so you’ll have to be specific. When you update your addons, change the game from retail to classic. It’s easy to miss so be sure you check the right side of the client, underneath your name.

The best addons for WoW Classic will improve your play experience. There’s no requirement to use addons, so if you’re a newbie to WoW don’t worry about them. Addons are there to aid your gameplay, but they aren’t a requirement.

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Questing Addons

For questing, you’re going to want addons that help you find the quests easier. Questing in Classic WoW is different than retail, where the game places helpful markers on the map.

Coordinates by TomCat’s tours is the first addon I installed. It’s a life-saver when I’m looking up a quest on Wowhead. Most players give the coordinates of where to find a quest giver or reward, and WoW Classic doesn’t include coordinates on the map. You may want to download this addon to make your play experience smoother.

Questie and MonkeyQuest are great addons to try for questing. These addons track available quests and objectives. If you’re worried about finding stuff on the map, try the addons SimpleMap and TourGuide. SimpleMap can make your map transparent, which is helpful when you’re trying not to get lost, and TourGuide will tell you how to find enemies you need to kill.

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Dungeons, Raids, and PvP

Player vs. Player (PvP) combat is more common in WoW Classic than retail. Spy Classic is a helpful addon that alerts you when enemy players are nearby. If the addon detects an enemy player, it’ll let you know their class, race, and level. You can configure the addon to announce enemy players in chat too.

WoW Classic is designed with group content in mind. So you’re going to want to download Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) for Classic. DBM is required in retail WoW for most raid teams, and it won’t be much different in Classic. With DBM the addon will alert you to enemy attacks, which will give you a chance to dodge or get ready for the next phase.

In order to measure your Damage Per Second (DPS), you’ll want to install Recount Classic to your game. Most players use this addon in retail WoW to help them know if their DPS is where it should be. Without a high enough DPS output, your character won’t do enough damage in group settings, which could cause your groups to struggle more against bosses in encounters.

If you don’t want to sit around in major cities looking for a group, then you could try ClassicLFG. This controversial addon won’t send you to the instance, but it will help you find other players searching for a group. Many WoW fans credit LFG, LFR, sharding, and many other reasons for retail WoW’s decline. But, if you’d like an easier way to find a group than Classic LFG is for you.

Regular Add-ons

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TitanPanel Classic is an addon that allows you to add two information bars to your screen. The menus are easy to use and provide a method to change features when you want.

WeakAuras 2 Classic is a powerful add-on that you’ll enjoy. The add-on has the power to display information on a screen. So if you’d like to know when your debuff is up it’ll tell you. With WeakAuras you’ll be able to customize your screen any way you wish. It’s a great addon to install in both WoW Classic and retail WoW.

Bagnon will help you open all your bags at once. The addon also allows you to view all your characters bags. If you’re a player who’s always jumping between characters it’ll save you time. Bagnon also adds a colored border to your items. Which means green items have a green border. This will help you know what to sell to vendors and the Auction House.

Auctioneer will help you with the Auction House. This addon shows you what’s currently selling. You can set the addon to help you sell your products. Playing the Auction House takes practice. Undercutting your competition can earn you money, but you may lose money if you don’t watch the trends.

VendorPrice is a useful addon. It displays the price of an item when not at a vendor. Now you’ll know when to delete an item if your bags are full.

Bartender4 allows you to fully customize your action bar. This includes all of your action bars and your pets action bars too. You can also customize your experience bar. SpartanUIClassic can be used in conjunction with Bartender4 to make your UI look sleek.

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Best Addons in WoW Classic Conclusion

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