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Most Interesting Zones In WoW Classic

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It’s so hard to rank the most interesting zones in WoW Classic because there are so many awesome ones. The fandom is bursting with excitement to either relive old memories or to try WoW Classic for the first time.

I started World of Warcraft during Wrath, so I feel as If I’ve experienced the best of both worlds. The old world zones were still available to play in during Wrath, and I got to travel to Northend and face the Lich King. But after Cataclysm everything changed.

The zones won’t be ranked in any particular order, as it’s impossible to really say which zone is number one. Zones are picked for their beauty, ambiance, lore, and music, some zones may have more of one than the other.

So, let’s check out the most interesting zones in WoW Classic.

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Most Interesting Zones In WoW Classic: Kalimdor Zones

Now, Kalimdor isn’t a zone, it’s a continent, but it has a cool ancient vibe to it. With the Tauren and Night Elves living on the land, it has a rich history. There are many ancient ruins scattered throughout Kalimdor, and it’s a shame the Cataclysm changed a few zones forever. Kalimdor is home to the Orcs, Night Elves, Tauren, and Trolls.


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Mulgore is the Tauren starting zone and it’s beautiful. The land is full of lush green fields and sunny skies. Whenever I’m in Mulgore I feel relaxed, especially while I’m questing. Mulgore is home to the Tauren city of Thunderbluff, and this impressive city sits above the zone on tall rocks. There’s an awesome lift (elevator) which brings you up to the city, and you can’t miss the totem poles which grace the sky.

The noble Tauren have a unique tribal culture. During the events of Warcraft III, the Tauren settled in Mulgore because of the centaurs which threatened their lands. Mulgore is a great zone to quest in if you’d like to know more about the Tauren culture. They share a bond with the Earth Mother, and like their Night Elven neighbors, are experienced in Druidism. So the Tauren shares a powerful connection with nature.

All in all, Mulgore has a cool vibe and it’s worth visiting even if you’re not playing a Tauren.

Dustwallow Marsh

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There is something unsettling about Dustwallow Marsh. It’s home to Theramore, a city created by the human Archmage Jaina Proudmoore. Questing in Dustwallow Marsh during Wrath made me watch my back. You could be eaten by crocodiles, or attacked by an enemy from your blindside.

Dustwallow Marsh has a chilling vibe because you never know what’s lurking. It’s dark, dank, and miserable, and it certainly left an impact on me during Wrath. So, I’m excited to quest here again in Classic.

The Missing Diplomat quest line brings you to Dustwallow Marsh. It’s an epic quest chain, so if you’re playing Alliance, feel free to pick it up.

The Barrens

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Next in the most interesting zones in WoW Classic is the Barrens, which is a gigantic barren field. If you play an Orc, Troll, or Tauren, you’ll find yourself in the Barrens at some point. As a central hub for Horde players, the Barrens became a social area. Many fans are aware of the famous Chuck Norris jokes. We’re also aware of the quest involving Mankirk’s wife, which has also become a running joke in the fandom.

As the Barrens is such a large zone, it became a place for Horde players to hang out, and for Alliance, players to stage raids. It’ll be exciting to experience the Barrens the way they were in Vanilla WoW. By the time I joined WoW during Wrath, I only knew of stories about how awesome the Barrens used to be, and I can’t wait to see it for myself.


Darkshore has the best views of the moon. The zone is dark, but it’s not unwelcoming. During Wrath, I traveled to Auberdine and caught the boats to the Eastern Kingdoms. Sadly, the Cataclysm destroyed Auberdine, and Darkshore hasn’t felt the same since then. It’s like the zone is missing some of its magic. Relaxing in the inn and gazing outside to the long pier used to be so nice.

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Eastern Kingdoms Zones

The Eastern Kingdoms are home to the undead, humans, gnomes, and dwarfs. It’s composed of three subcontinents: Lordaeron, Khaz Modan, and Azeroth.

Eastern Plaguelands

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The Eastern Plaguelands were once part of the fallen Kingdom of Lordaeron. This part of the continent was hit the hardest when Prince Arthas Menethil allied himself with the Scourge and destroyed his own kingdom.

Now, the Eastern Plaguelands aren’t pretty. They’re on this list because of the quest lines, and all the lore specific locations. Rewriting the Battle of Darrowshire is a quest chain that stuck with me from Wrath, and it was also available in Vanilla. We help Chromie attempt to rewrite a small portion of history.

It’s also nice to visit Light’s Hope Chapel, which is an iconic place in WoW lore. Of course, I can’t forget to mention the city of Stratholme. In Warcraft III, we played as Arthas when he purged the city, as the citizens were infected with the plague of undeath. In Classic, Stratholme has fallen, and the city is now overrun by the undead.

Stranglethorn Vale

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Next in the most interesting zones in WoW Classic is Stranlethorn Vale. If you like jungles, pirates, and sketchy goblins then Strangelthorn Vale is an awesome hangout. It’s home to Booty Bay, where you’ll find pirates and goblins trying to make a buck.

Stranglethorn Vale is a fun zone if you’re into Player vs. Player combat (PvP). The Gurubashi Arena is in the zone, and you can fight the opposing faction over a treasure reward.

You can catch the boat from Booty Bay to Ratchet, which is in the Barrens. Booty Bay is a neutral hub so Horde and Alliance can use the port freely.


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Duskwood is a creepy zone. This zone made the list because of its ambiance and it’s questing. Whenever I needed to enter Duskwood in Wrath, I always entered cautiously. Just looking down the road in this zone would fill me with dread, because of the fog which covered everything. You can do the awesome Hermit quest chain here, which ends in a gruesome surprise. The zone is probably the first creepy zone you run across as an Alliance player. Feel free to check it out.

Hillsbrad Foothills

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This beautiful forest zone was all that was left from the Kingdom of Lordaeron. It was left untouched by the undead scourge, which meant there were still human settlements like Southshore there. Hillsbrad Foothills became known as the bloodiest zone in the game. Undead players from Tirisfal Glades and dwarven players from Arathi Highlands used to clash her often on PvP servers. If you’re looking to quest here, it’s best to avoid the zone at a low level, because of all the PvP taking place.

Most Interesting

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Zones In WoW Classic

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These are only the surface of the most interesting zones in WoW Classic. Which zones from WoW Classic do you find the most interesting? Blizzard is releasing WoW Classic on August 27th, so be sure you know when the game is live in your timezone. Also, Blizzard is planning to release content in six stages, in an effort to capture Vanilla WoW’s original release schedule. Addons can be used in WoW Classic, so here’s a helpful list to get you started.

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Thank you for hanging out at my hearth.

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