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Classic WoW Beginners Guide Story Pt. 2

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Hi guys! Welcome to the final post in the Classic WoW Beginners guide story. In part one of the final guide, I discussed the lore (story) for the Alliance races.

As a reminder, World of Warcraft begins four years after Warcraft III (the third war) ends. The races of Azeroth saved the world. After the Battle for Mount Hyjal was won, we entered four years of shaky peace. It wasn’t long before the residents of Azeroth were fighting again. Tensions were high. Skirmishes broke out throughout the world.

The Orcs settled in Durotar. Thrall wanted to find a home for the New Horde. They were joined by the Tauren, Darkspear Trolls, and the Forsaken (undead).

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The Drums of War: Horde

For The Horde!


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The Orcs are a strong and honorable race. They’re from the world Draenor and have powerful shamanistic roots. Shamans call on the primordial elements. Orcs rely heavily on traditions, and they value strength and protecting bonds.

Warchief Thrall was the leader of the new Horde in Vanilla WoW. He wanted to make a home for his people. The Horde was called the ‘New Horde’ because it was no longer being controlled by demons.

Before the old Orcish Horde invaded Azeroth their leader, Elder Shaman Ner’zhul, made a blood pact with Kil’jaeden the Deceiver, who was a demon. As a result, the blood created a thirst for battle within the Orcs which couldn’t be quenched. Which caused them to embark on a murderous rampage through Draenor as they slaughtered Draenei.

Kil’jaeden traveled to Azeroth. He sought out the Guardian Medivh, who was the last Guardian of Tirisfal. The Guardian’s mind was shackled to the Burning Legions will, because a piece of the Spirit Lord Sargeras possessed Medivh.

Medivh opened the Dark Portal. The Orcs burst through the portal and invaded Azeroth. Thus begins the first war.

During the first war, the Orcs laid siege to Azeroth. In the Orcs crazed blood lust, they destroyed the Kingdom of Stormwind. Then preceded to head north toward Ironforge. But, not all the Orcs drunk the blood. Orgrim Doomhammer and Durotan refused to drink.

Horde Continued: Thrall’s Fate

Sadly, Durotan and his wife, Draka, were killed as they were being escorted to a safe haven. But Thrall, their son, survived. Aedelas Blackmoore discovered the Orcling among the remains of his parents and took him in.

Blackmoore named him ‘Thrall’ which means slave in human language. He then raised the Orc in Durnholde Keep as a gladiator to make him money.

Durnholde Keep was one of the many internment camps ran by Blackmoore. Thrall escaped from Durnholde Keep, because of the aid of a friend, Taretha Foxton, and adventurers.

Once Thrall was free, it wasn’t long before ex-guardian Medivh, found the young Orc and told him of a prophecy. He told Thrall to head to the distant and ancient lands of Kalimdor because a threat was coming.

The threat was the Burning Legion, and this was the third war. Thrall worked alongside Jaina Proudmoore and the Alliance at the Battle for Mount Hyjal. But, although the Orcs helped to save Azeroth, the Night Elves weren’t too pleased to have them cutting down their forests. Night Elves are protective of their ancestral homelands and of nature.

So, this led to the Orcs and Night Elves having squabbles in Ashenvale, because of the Horde’s lumber operations.

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Classic WoW Beginners Guide: Tauren

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Tauren is a noble and ancient race. They worship the Earth Mother and wish to protect the lands of Azeroth. High Chieftain Carine Bloodhoof led the Tauren during the third war. Under his leadership, all the Tauren tribes are united. Carine is older and wise. He used his wisdom to lead his tribe.

When Thrall and his New Horde made landfall in Kalimdor, they soon came across Carine and his people. They were driving a caravan through Kalimdor as they headed to Mulgore. The Tauren were having problems with the maundering centaurs which threatened their lands. Carine was determined to lead his people to a safe place.

Cairne met Thrall when he and his Horde protected a Tauren from a centaur. The old chieftain was impressed by the Orcs battle prowess and nobility. So, Cairne told Thrall about an Oracle who was nearby in Stonetalon Mountains.

The Oracle told Thrall, Cairne, and Jaina Proudmoore that they must work together because the Burning Legion was a great threat. Together, the three were able to free Grom Hellscream from his corruption, and they fought the Legion. Cairne pledged his race’s loyalty to the Horde

Both the Orcs and Tauren races had a strong connection to shamanism, and Carine was excited to share that knowledge with the Horde. The Tauren settled down in the grassy plains of Mulgore and established their city Thunder Bluff high atop the pillars to protect it from the centaurs.


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During Vanilla WoW, the Darkspear Trolls are lead by Shadow Hunter Vol’jin. The trolls are a superstitious race, and they worship spirits called Loa. These spirits show them visions of what’s to come.

During Warcraft III, Thrall first encounters the Darkspear tribe on Darkspear Island after he escaped from Lordaeron. Back then, the Darkspear tribe was led by Witch Doctor Sen’jin, who was Vol’jin’s father. Thrall was followed by Kul Tiran marines. The humans created a settlement on the island, so the Trolls moved inland to avoid fighting.

Sen’jin had seen a vision, and he sent his people to find Thrall. A Murloc high sorcerer found Sen’jin and sacrificed him to a sea witch. By the time Thrall reached the Troll leader, Sen’jin was dying. He asked Thrall to take his people from the island and save them.

To repay Thrall for saving their people, Vol’jin pledged their loyalty to the Horde. So the Trolls fought alongside the Orcs against the Burning Legion. After the Third War, they made a home on the Echo Isles in Durotar.

Forsaken (Undead)

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Lady Sylvanas Windrunner is the leader of the Forsaken. She was once a High Elf from the Kingdom of Quel’Thelas. When the Death Knight Arthas ransacked her kingdom, he killed her and raised her from the dead as a banshee.

Sylvanas eventually broke free from his control, and she found her body. She then rounded up other undead and freed them from Arthas’s mind control.

Not long after, Arthas murdered his father, King Terenas of Lordaeron. Arthas then killed the citizens within the capital of Lordaeron. He set them loose on the rest of the kingdom as mindless minions of the undead scourge. They then murdered everyone in their wake.

So, Sylvanas worked with some of the undead in Lordaeron to liberate the kingdom from the scourge. They created a home underneath the Ruins of Lordaeron and named it The Undercity.

The Forsaken knew they needed allies in a hostile world, so they sent emissaries to the Horde. But, although some of the Tauren, such as Archdruid Hammul Runetotem, were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, many others in the Horde, like Thrall and Cairne, were suspicious of the Forsaken’s motives. Thrall eventually granted the Forsaken entry into the Horde as an alliance of convenience.

Classic WoW Beginners Guide Story: Conclusion

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So, this concludes the final post in the Classic WoW Beginners Guide Story. I hope these Classic WoW beginner’s guides were helpful. If you’ve got any questions please leave them in the comments below. I’d love to answer any questions you have.

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