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How To Make Gold In WoW Classic

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You’re probably wondering how to make gold in WoW Classic. Well, I’ve got you covered. Gold isn’t as simple to make as it is in retail. You’ll want to be careful where you spend your hard-earned copper. We all know every penny counts in Classic. There are simple tricks you can use to make gold faster. Some may depend on your professions and others could depend on your class. I’ve played World of Warcraft since Wrath, and I always made my gold by questing, selling vendor trash, and soloing old content. Occasionally I’d use the Auction House to sell an item because I kept up my Skinning and Leatherworking skill throughout the years.

If you’re hitting level 40 (or 60) congratulations! What a long strange trip it’s been, huh? Too bad money doesn’t really grow on trees, especially when it’s finally time to purchase your mount. If you’ve been spending your money wisely then how to make gold in WoW Classic isn’t going to be much help. You may be able to point your broke friends in the right direction with this article though. So be sure to hit that Share button so it pops up on Twitter.

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How To Make Gold In WoW Classic

Vendor Trash

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Let’s start at the beginning. I know classic has been out for a few weeks, but how to make gold in WoW Classic deserves to start fresh. Whenever you begin a new character focus on selling gray items and white items you don’t need. Try not to delete anything when in the starter zones. Run back to the vendor when your bags are full. Don’t sell cloth, water, and food. The only stuff I spend money on is to train and repair. You can use the Twitch Client to install the addons Vendor Trash Loot to sell all your vendor trash at once, and the addon Better Vendor Price to ensure you’re selling the item for the best price.

Now I only train for the spells and abilities I’m going to use. For example, if I’m playing a Hunter, I know I won’t use the Aspect of the Monkey ability, so I don’t grab that. I’ll just train in Tracking Beasts and Viper Sting. Whatever class I play I make the same judgments because money is tight. Also, I only repair if I believe my armor is going to break. There’s no need to waste money otherwise. For example, if I’m playing a hunter, I only buy ammo if my ammo is below 60 in the starter zone and if it’s below 100 in the game world. You don’t want to be caught without ammo if you’re in a tricky spot and there’s no vendor nearby, but you also don’t want to waste money.

If you can pick up a profession early on then try and help other players. It doesn’t hurt to offer to make bags, bandages, food, or enchants. Hopefully, other players will tip you. If you do charge be reasonable. Anyone who’s in the starter zone is trying to make money too. It’s a good idea to create an item for another player without expecting something in return. If you do that then you might receive compensation anyway. The spirit of WoW Classic is to help your fellow player so don’t forget that!


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Dungeons have always been one of my favorite ways to make gold. You can get a lot of vendor trash from dungeons. If you’re in a good dungeon group you’ll be able to breeze through the content. Running dungeons won’t make you rich, but you can certainly sell the spoils on the Auction House. Be sure to only sell green and blue items though. Vendor gray and white items. If you’ve got an Enchanter you can also Disenchant some of the green and blue items too.


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Your professions can help you make a killing in WoW Classic. The best way to make gold is gathering professions. If you can find a great spot to farm materials that are in demand you’ll be doing well. Try and focus on the materials people need for potions or cooking. So think about taking on Herbalism or Fishing. Maybe you could find a great spot to farm for Fadeleaf. To keep better track of your professions you can install the Titan Panel addon [Professions] in the Twitch Client.

The cloth is great to sell on the Auction House. Tailoring and First-Aid require a lot of stacks to make anything. Most humanoids in the game world drop them. I’ve received cloth, wool, and silk from humans, trolls, and gnomes so far. It might be a good idea to farm that kind of enemies when they’re at a lower level than you. You don’t want to waste time running back to your corpse, nor do you want to waste money on a massive repair bill.

Ore is always in high demand. Engineers and Blacksmiths both need ore to craft items. If you’re able to farm Ore during your servers quiet hours then this might help you. Most servers are quite early in the morning or late at night. You don’t have to farm all night, I’d just farm for about 30 minutes. Try and figure out a route which works for you and goes with that. If you’re farming in a zone that’s a lower level than you, you might not be stopped as often by enemies. Hopefully, a PvP server will be quieter at this time as well so you won’t be ganked.

Enchanting is good to learn. Not only can you Disenchant items to sell, but your Enchanting skill will scale as you level. At a high level, Enchanting is important for armor. You’ll be really happy you leveled it up. Trust me.

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How To Make Gold In WoW Classic: Auction House

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Making gold from the Auction House is smart. It can also be a bad move. Learning the Auction House takes time. You can buy items off the Auction House and resell them at a higher price. If you do this incorrectly though you’ll lose money. You must understand when a product is gaining value. To better understand the Auction House and how it works you may want to reference this subreddit /r/woweconomy. The subreddit explains how the World of Warcraft economy works throughout the entire series. You may also want to do more research into how the WoW Classic economy works. Consider installing the Auctioneer addon with the Twitch client to help you watch your auctions.

Mage Portals and Meals

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Mage portals are great for business. If you’re playing a mage be sure to offer your services in trade chat. Make sure your prices are more reasonable than your competitors. Retail put Mages out of business when flight and portal rooms were introduced. WoW Classic doesn’t have all those conveniences which means a Mage’s services are once again required. I like to imagine Mage’s are like the Uber or Lyft of World of Warcraft. Should we title it Muber or Myft?

You could also charge a reasonable fee for food and drink. Honestly, it’s probably best to do this for free, but if you’re really strapped for cash you could ask for a small tip. The spirit of WoW Classic is to be helpful though don’t forget!

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Rogue: Lock Boxes

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As a Rogue, your lock-picking skills can come in handy, and I don’t mean by pick-pocketing an unsuspecting adventurer. You could offer to open lockboxes for a reasonable fee. If you don’t charge for the service another player may tip you for it anyway. Most WoW Classic players are usually friendly. Don’t be surprised if you do receive a tip as a thank you. Also, the addon Lockbox Cracker claims to make a Rogue’s life easier when a lock box is traded in the will not trade slot. If you try this addon leave a comment and tell us how it worked out for you.


How To Make Gold In WoW Classic

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What are your favorite ways to make gold in WoW Classic? Please leave a comment below! Don’t forget to Share this article by clicking the social medial icons on the side bar. This article may help someone else. Also, if you’re looking for the best addons in WoW classic then you may want to check out this article.

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