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Professions In WoW Classic And Why You Need One

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Vanilla WoW isn’t like retail WoW today. So I’m going to explain Professions in WoW Classic and why you need one. Professions aren’t mandatory, but you’ll be glad you leveled it.

When you have a profession you can earn gold, create armor for yourself and allies, and help your guild by providing supplies. Professions are divided into two categories which include gathering and crafting.

There’s no rule-book on which professions you learn. But generally, you want to choose one gathering and one crafting profession. You’ll need the patience to gather the materials and make gold on the auction house.

Before you choose a profession, you’ll want to consider why you want it. Are you planning to make gold, or are you trying to make things for yourself? Now, you can do both of those things, but if you primarily want to make gold, then two gathering professions may be the way to go.

The beautiful thing about WoW classic is there’s no limit on your freedom. So you can choose to have professions or not, and it’s entirely up to you.

So, you’re going to choose two primary professions and several secondary professions. I’ll explain the difference between primary and secondary professions below.

To find a professions trainer in a major city (Orgrimmar or Stormwind) speak to a guard and they can point you in the right direction.

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Professions in WoW Classic and Why You Need One

Primary Professions: Gathering

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To begin the topic professions in WoW Classic and why you need one, we’re going to discuss gathering professions. Gathering professions can net you a huge profit. Most crafting professions require a lot of materials in order to make something, and players can only gather so much on their own. Being in a guild can help though, because guild members may place materials in the guild bank.


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Mining for ore is a primary gathering profession. This pairs well with the crafting professions Engineering and Blacksmithing. As an apprentice miner, you’ll be mining Copper ore. Each time you mine you’ll earn experience points for the profession, and as you level to new zones, you’ll be mining different types of ore.

Visit a mining trainer to become an apprentice. You’ll need to purchase a mining pick which you’ll keep in your bags at all times. Without your mining pick, you won’t be able to mine ore.

There’s competition for mining ore though, so be aware if you’re on a high population server. The best times to mine ore are when the server isn’t as busy like late at night or early morning.

Sometimes when you mine a vein, you’ll also receive a smooth stone and other materials. These mats can be used by different crafting professions so you’ll want to hang on to them, especially if you’re selling on the auction house.

You’ll need a Blacksmithing hammer in order to smelt ore into bars. Always remember to keep your hammer on you, or you won’t be able to use the forge.

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Herbalist gathers herbs which can be used in the crafting professions Alchemy. Potions in WoW Classic are more important than they are in retail, so you can make money here. Don’t forget that potions provide buffs and a way to heal while in combat.

If you learn the Herbalism profession, you’ll be gathering plants from all over Azeroth. There’s competition for plant gatherers too. So, be aware if you’re on a high population server, it’ll be a little tough.

As a Herbalist, you can place your plants in an herb pouch. The higher your Herbalism skill is will determine how quickly you gather herbs. Herbalism is a great profession to learn if you’re trying to make money, or if you’re going to be an Alchemist.


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Skinning pairs well with the crafting profession Leatherworking. The awesome thing about skinning is that you rarely compete with other players for materials. Almost any beast in World of Warcraft can be skinned, but you have to loot them first.

Visit a Skinning trainer to learn the profession. You’ll need to purchase a skinning knife which you’ll keep in your bags at all times. The more you skin beasts, then the faster you’ll level your profession.

As a skinner, you’ll start out collecting light leathers and hides. Leatherworkers need a lot of leather to create armor, so the possibilities to make money are big. If you’re going to use the auction house to make gold be sure to pay attention to the economy on your server.

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Crafting Professions

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Next, for the professions in WoW Classic and why you need one topic, we’re going to cover crafting. Crafting professions pair great with a gathering profession because you’ll be able to farm your own materials. Crafters can create armor, potions, and toys. If you’re in a guild, check your guild bank to see if guildies have left anything useful inside.


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Enchanting is a profession which pairs well with Tailoring. When you’re an enchanter, you can enchant cloth and weapons to give them better protection and stats. You’ll also be able to make wands.

The profession is difficult to level, but once you reach a high enough level you make a lot of money. Normally I just disenchant the clothing items I create from Tailoring, and then I use the dust, essence, or nexus crystal to enchant more articles of clothing. By doing it this way, it helps me save materials.


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A tailor makes clothing, and this profession pairs well with Enchanting. Cloth wearing classes like Mages, Warlocks, and Priests benefit from this profession.

Visit a trainer to learn the Tailoring profession. In order to create armor pieces, you’ll need to farm cloth from mobs. Most humanoid mobs drop cloth in the game world. The drop rates can vary depending on the enemy, which means you might have to use the auction house to buy more cloth.

Many Tailoring recipes require you to purchase materials from vendors. Some of these materials include dyes and threads. Most of these materials fairly cheap, but leveling professions, in general, can be pricey.


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Leatherworking pairs well with Skinning. Druids, Rogues, Shamans, and Hunters wear leather armor, but Shamans and Hunters will eventually learn to wear mail. Once your Leatherworking is a high enough level you can create mail armor pieces.

The great thing about this profession is if you paired it with Skinning it’s easier to grind the leather. Almost every beast in the game is skinnable, but make sure you have your skinning knife, and that you’ve looted the corpse.

You’ll need leather, cloth, dye, and thread to make armor. Dye and thread are easy to get from vendors. If you’re not in a guild or have an alt with Tailoring, you may need to use the auction house for the cloth.


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Mining pairs well with Blacksmithing. A blacksmith can make the plate and mail armor,  as well as weapons like axes and swords. Warriors and Paladins are plate wearing classes.

You’ll be using a forge to create armor. Blacksmithing will require you to carry a blacksmiths hammer on you at all times. Be careful not to sell your hammer, or you won’t be able to smelt ore and create gear.

Once you reach level 40 and your Blacksmithing skill has reached level 200, you can choose to specialize. Blacksmiths can become Armorsmiths or Weaponsmiths. Be aware that once you make this choice you can never go back. So be sure you know what your heart is set on before you decide.


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Engineers can make fun stuff like toys. They can also make guns, which is useful for the Hunter class. This profession pairs well with mining, as you’re going to need ore to make machines.

Once you reach level 30 and if you’ve raised your engineering skill, then you can specialize in Gnomish or Goblin Engineering. Engineers make a lot of fun gadgets and gizmos. They can also increase their Damage Per Second (DPS) by creating and using bombs.

As an Engineer, you can create a repair bot. This is incredibly helpful in group settings where everyone needs to repair, but the nearest vendor is far away.

Hunters can benefit from Engineering from being able to craft their own guns and ammo. In the game, ammo can be expensive, especially when buying the best ones at higher levels.

You can make a parachute to help falling long distances, and also learn to create fireworks for amusement. Fun is a good point to be made for the professions in WoW Classic and why you need one. Any profession where you have fun is a must.

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Professions In WoW Classic And Why You Need One

Secondary Professions

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A secondary profession is something everyone can learn. You can have two primary professions, and obtain all of the secondary professions. These professions are important to help you level through the game. They give you the tools you need to be independent and self-sufficient.


Cooking is a great example of professions in WoW Classic and why you need them. WoW Classic will require you to eat more often when you take damage, and you’ll also want buff foods to increase your stats.

Retail WoW doesn’t rely on secondary professions. The exceptions are if you raid or do PvP because you might still need buff foods for those activities. But, if you’re only questing in retail, you probably don’t need to sweat it.

WoW Classic has cooking recipes scattered throughout the game world. Always be sure to check in with vendors in towns and settlements, because you never know what recipes you’ll find.

Cooking will require you to create a campfire if you’re not standing by a hearth, campfire, or brazier. To create a fire you’ll need flint and tinder and Simple Wood.

You’ll need meat, fish, and other materials to make dishes. Fishing is the easiest way to level up Cooking fast. If you level up your Fishing at the same time as your Cooking, you’ll knock out two birds with one stone.

At high levels, Cooking is essential for end-game content. Players will need the buffs that cooked food provides for their stats. So if you’ve leveled up the profession you’ll make money on the auction house.

If you’d like to discover what Azerothian dishes taste like, be sure to check out our review on the World of Warcraft official cookbook.


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Fishing requires you to have a fishing rod. You’ll need to unequip your weapon to fish. Just drag the fishing button to the action bar and you can start fishing. It’s best to start fishing in a low-level zone so you can level up your fishing skill.

While your fishing bobber is in the water, a blue bar will appear on your screen. As the bar reaches the end, your bobber might shake. When that happens, right-click on the bobber and pull out your fish.

Sometimes you’ll fish up other items like pearls. Your fishing skill will determine how successful your catches will be. Different zones have different types of fish. You can fish in the sea, ponds, lakes, and rivers. Some fish are swim in schools, which look like circles in the water.

To increase your chances of catching a fish you can buy a lure. The lure is optional though and not required.


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Lastly in the professions in WoW Classic and why you need one, you’re going to want First-Aid. Bandages can be used in combat and you’re going to go through a lot of them. First-Aid also teaches you how to create an anti-venom potion, but it’s not as strong as what Alchemist makes.

The cloth is used to make bandages and cloth drops from most humanoids. Be sure to check the auction house if you need more cloth. First-aid is helpful in group situations because healing yourself can make a healer’s life easier.

Classes like Warriors and Rogues who don’t have healing spells can use bandages while they quest. Bandages do have a cooldown though, so once you use one, you must wait one minute to use another one.

Good Luck


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I hope Professions in WoW Classic and Why You Need One was helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll get back to you.

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