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World of Warcraft Story So Far

  The World of Warcraft Story so far is divisive. Recent story line updates in the Battle for Azeroth expansion have left many fans scratching their heads. World of Warcraft is the most successful Massively

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The World of Warcraft Story so far is divisive. Recent story line updates in the Battle for Azeroth expansion have left many fans scratching their heads.

World of Warcraft is the most successful Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMO). The Warcraft Universe has an expansive lore beginning with Warcraft: Orcs and Humans released in 1994.

Blizzard Entertainment no longer posts subscriber numbers for World of Warcraft. During the Legion expansion, WoW had over 10 million subscribers. Wrath of the Lich King is when the game boosted a whooping 12.5 million players.

The current expansion is Battle for Azeroth. World of Warcraft’s game play has improved throughout the years, but new passive armor such as the Heart of Azeroth, has come under fire, because of its lack of reward value.

Besides the game play, the World of Warcraft story so far is problematic. Horde Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner burned Teldrassil, which is the home of the Night Elves. According to the WoW Developers, Tyrande Whisperwind, the leader of the Night Elves, has gotten her revenge.

We haven’t seen this revenge play out on screen.

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World of Warcraft Story So Far: Is it Failing?

Battle for Azeroth is World of Warcraft’s current expansion, and it’s focused on the conflict between the Horde and Alliance.

BFA had a promising start with Sylvanas’s attack on Teldrassil.

Anduin Wrynn the High King of the Alliance, retaliated swiftly by ordering his army to attack Lordaeron in an effort to reclaim the fallen kingdom for the Alliance. Sylvanas refused to yield, and released a poisonous green gas which killed everyone it touched. Her gas blighted the land making Lordaeron and parts of the Tirisfal Glades uninhabitable for either the Horde or the Alliance.

The problem: we’ve seen this story before.

Sylvanas is another World of Warcraft lore character who’s gone off the rails. In fact, the Horde has done this before. She’s basically Garrosh 2.0.

In the World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, Garrosh Hellscream was the Warchief of the Horde. After Thrall, the founder of the Horde, had moved on to pursue his interests as a shaman in Cataclysm, he passed on the mantel of leadership to Garrosh. The two were close and Thrall trusted him.

The problem is that Garrosh didn’t see things the same as Thrall. He went seeking power, instead of peace. Which in turn led to strife within the Horde, a trip back in time, and his eventual demise.

Sylvanas became Warchief of the Horde because Vol’jin the leader of the Darkspear trolls, passed on the role to her, before he died at the Battle for Broken Shore. He trusted her in that moment, just as Thrall trusted Garrosh.

This plot is looking eerily similar. Unless, Blizzard has a trick up their sleeve? Please, feel free to check out Geek Alliance LLC for awesome items!

Why World of Warcraft’s Story line isn’t What We Think

Blizzard is up to something.

The company produces great games with epic stories. There’s no way they would recreate the same plot line a few expansions later.

I suspect we’ll discover another entity is to blame for the craziness going down. It could be an old gold, a titan, or the new Lich King who was being preeetty sketchy during Legion.

There’s no way this story is happening at face value. If it is, then the fandom will be incredibly disappointed. But, if it’s a surprise, than Blizzard may have one of the best expansions on their hands, especially if they’re able to make the player base believe the story is heading one direction when it’s not.




World of Warcraft Movies: Could Movies Save WoW?

I’m sure we all remember the Warcraft movie which released in 2016. The movie was long overdue, but did better overseas than in America. Fans were disappointed as soon as we saw the trailer. The story was all wrong.

Honestly, World of Warcraft would benefit from a television show rather than a movie. Game of Thrones is a high fantasy world which benefited from that format. All the heroes shine, and the plot breathed.

Blizzard creates movie like quality cinematics. I would love to see a Netflix show for World of Warcraft. How epic would it be to relive the rise of the Lich King in a television series, right?

There is still hope to see WoW on the big or small screen. Activision Blizzard Studios was created in 2015 to create visual media for Blizzards IP’s. Legendary still holds the rights to Warcraft. We’ll see what happens next.


Blizzard Entertainment: Out of Ideas

Blizzard Entertainment is famous for more than World of Warcraft. The video game giant has spawned successful franchises like Diablo and

But, lately Blizzard is running out of steam.

Blizzcon 2018 saw disgruntled fans from across the board. Battle for Azeroth  left a sour taste in the mouth of WoW fans because of its unrewarding game play, and unsatisfactory story line. Diablo fans long wait was rewarded with a mobile game, and Overwatch fans have complained about the company adding new heroes and not much else.

Blizzard has seen a huge shift in management lately. Blizzard co- founder Mike Morhaime stepped down. Activision and Blizzard merged forming a joint company. Players are finally feeling the effects.

The question is whether Blizzard can reclaim their place on top.

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World of Warcraft Story so far: Conclusion

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth isn’t exactly the expansion we imagined. The game play is too easy, and the WoW lore isn’t satisfying.

On August 27, 2019, World of Warcraft: Classic is dropping. WoW veterans may return. You only need a WoW account and game time to play. Classic may not be enough to save retail, unless Blizzard has an ace up their sleeve.

I hope they surprise the fans. The World of Warcraft story so far is underwhelming. I don’t want to leave the game, as I’ve played for eleven years. I’ve been a Warcraft fan longer because I played Warcraft III and the Vanilla free trial. I can’t wait to jump into Warcraft III: Reforged when it releases in late 2019.

The beta stress test realms for World of Warcraft Classic is fun. I didn’t play long but it takes me back.

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Happy Hunting!

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