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World of Warcraft Story So Far (Updated)

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Spoiler Alert: This post is about the World of Warcraft story so far. It will contain spoilers for patch 8.2.5 and the end of the War Campaign.

The War Campaign has finally concluded, and the World of Warcraft story so far is shocking. Sylvanas revealed her true colors during her duel with Saurfang. He challenged her to Mak’gora. This is an Orcish tradition where combatants duel and fight to the death. Saurfang lost the fight, but he was able to expose Sylvanas to the Horde. She let it slip that the Horde means nothing.

Players who were loyal to Sylvanas received a different ending cinematic. Sylvanas revealed more of her plans, but not all of them. She said that N’Zoth will eventually serve death. We’ve yet to ‘meet’ death in the game. So far we’ve seen characters associated with death like Bolvar (Lich King), Bwonsamdi, and Helya. None of them could answer Vol’jin either on who told him to make Sylvanas warchief. Although, Bwownsamdi mentioned he has a master. Some fans speculate that Yogg-Saron may be the God of Death. It’s also possible that the God of Death is someone we haven’t met yet.

Clearly, Sylvanas has made a pact with death, and she has been serving it for quite some time. What could the God of Death have promised her? Does all this tie into N’Zoth saying ‘all eyes shall be opened’? Death is going to be a major theme going forward. Rumors have swirled around for months that the next expansion will take us to the Shadowlands. We’ve never visited the Realm of Death. During gameplay, we may die, but I’m referring to visiting the Shadowlands for the plot.

It almost feels like Battle for Azeroth has many plot threads that don’t weave together. There’s no direct path to the next expansion. We could be visiting the Shadowlands, or we could journey to the Dragon Isles. Death, void, and dragons seem to be popping up a lot. The black Dragonflight was once corrupted by Old God influence. Wrathion provided us with a potion to cure Ebonhorn of the Old God’s madness.

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World of Warcraft Story So Far: Was The War Campaign Conclusion Satisfying?

The cinematics has honestly been the best part of the whole expansion. They didn’t disappoint in patch 8.2.5. Blizzard has raised the bar on how they tell the story. If they made a Warcraft movie or television show in the style of the cinematics, then I’d certainly watch it. Each cinematic is a dazzling spectacle and it’s a real treat to watch.

Besides the high-quality of the cinematic, the conclusion to the War Campaign fell flat. Saurfang finally died a warrior’s death as he wanted, but Sylvanas is still out there. As an Alliance player, I felt like I was on the sidelines. The whole expansion has felt this way to me. Most of the time I wondered why I was doing something throughout Battle for Azeroth. Even most of the fandom was only talking about the Horde plotline. How many people remember Jaina’s plot? Her mom and the entire Kingdom of Kul Tiras forgave her. We also can’t forget that Jaina’s brother has returned. Does anyone remember Flynn or Taelia? Taelia is the Lich King’s daughter, but she hasn’t been mentioned in a while.

We also didn’t get any real answers for Sylvanas’s plan. She may be working with death, but why? Was she offered immortality? She’s already dead though, right? With Sylvanas gone, now the Horde is suddenly cool again. It was a sudden shift. We didn’t get an answer to who’s leading the Horde now. Is everyone just okay with Sylvanas’s loyalists?

The expansion isn’t over yet. So all of these questions may be answered. It’s a little tiring though to keep us in the dark about Sylvanas’s plans. Her character used to be likable to me, but now she’s not. At least Sylvanas admitted she did care for the Forsaken. I’m relieved to hear because that was part of why I liked her. I don’t play undead characters, but I’ve always felt for them because of their story. None of them asked to become the monsters that Arthas turned them into. Sylvanas used to fight for them, and to me that was honorable.

The Next Warchief – Are The Horde And Alliance Friends Now?

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The World of Warcraft story so far makes it look as if the factions are friends. NPCs in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, and Boralus have opinions about this new story shift. Two Alliance soldiers discuss the recent events from the Fourth War. One of them points out he’s tired of the Horde being in his homeland and he wants them out. The fandom is divided too. Some fans are hoping for a merge, some are hoping for a split, and others want the factions to be left alone.

We do have more questions than answers. Besides the potential love story and memes of ‘Banner Bae’ and ‘Zappy Boi,’ there doesn’t seem to be a lot of closure. Now that Thrall is back in the picture, maybe he’ll lead the Horde again. Where could this take the story though? Thrall mentioned his regrets to Jaina after they rescued Baine. It could be fitting that the creator of the new Horde retakes the reins. He could give the Horde a new life.

Jaina and Thrall’s friendship could be important for securing peace. In the past, they were always able to talk. Some fans have begun shipping them. Considering we don’t know where Thrall’s wife Aggra is, then maybe a ship between Thrall and Jaina may actually set sail. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had interracial relationships within WoW. A relationship between Thrall and Jaina would probably mellow everyone out.

On the character selection screen our faction symbol appears beside our characters. Maybe we’ll be able to choose which faction we want now. It’s a unique thought, but it would take time for me to get used too.

Story Speculation – What Should We Expect In Patches 8.3 and 9.0?

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Going forward I expect to see the factions having a time of peace. They’re going to be focused on defeating N’Zoth. So there won’t be much time for faction squabbles. The peace probably won’t last. I hope Tyrande doesn’t become the next villain. She doesn’t need to be another Sylvanas. Imagine if Tyrande is so consumed by vengeance that she summons Elune into Azeroth. We’ve never seen the moon goddess. If Elune is a titan then this could get very interesting. I’ve wondered before if Elune is the Goddess of Death. The night reminds me of darkness, although the moon is generally a cool and peaceful light. The moon does have control over the tides, which reminds me of emotions. It’s a crazy idea, but it’s fun to think about.

Yogg-Saron is the most obvious candidate for the God of Death. It’s been speculated in the past that Yogg-Saron was controlling the Lich King. At the time we were in the midst of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. We know that Bwonsamdi, the Loa of Death, has a master. It’s also possible that Helya is answering the same being.

Story Speculation Continued

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We’ve never truly defeated Yogg-Saron, and even if we did Old Gods don’t seem to follow the normal rules of death. It’s believed that Old Gods go to Ny’alotha, which is probably like the Underworld from Greek myth. Gods can’t truly be destroyed. The problem is that we’re already seeing them break free from cages. How are we supposed to defeat them, and stop the Black Empire from rising again?

It’s not like we haven’t faced this reality of Azeroth ending before. During the Cataclysm expansion, we got to experience the End Time. The End Time is a heroic dungeon within the Caverns of Time. Within the instance we faced Murozond. He’s actually the bronze dragon aspect Nozdormu. In this bleak future, we had to find the Dragon Soul to help us defeat Deathwing. Our purpose was to prevent Azeroth from having that bleak future, which was called the Hour of Twilight. Maybe the Hour of Twilight is finally among us, and the Black Empire will rise yet again.

Calia Menethil And A Steamy Romance Novel?

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Once the War Campaign was completed on the Alliance, the World of Warcraft story so far took us to Calia Menethil. Calia was Arthas Menethil’s sister. She’s technically queen of Lordaeron now that Arthas is dead. Arthas destroyed the kingdom when he joined the undead Scourge as a Death Knight. He then returned home and murdered his own father. Calia was able to escape the city back then. Her character returned to the story in Legion, and she was killed by Sylvanas. Anduin and the Naaru raised Calia from the dead. So Calia is the first light forged undead in the game.

The quest took us to Stormsong Valley were Calia and Derek were hanging out. Derek is Jaina’s brother. He died years ago, but Sylvanas raised him from the dead with the intent of using him for something. Luckily, Baine Bloodhoof returned Derek to Jaina. When we met with Calia and Derek, it sounded like they were getting pretty close. Jaina has unintentionally become an undead matchmaker.

Calia and Derek wouldn’t be the first undead couple in the game. During the loyalist ending for Horde, we saw Nathanos and Sylvanas confirm their love. In fact, Nathanos told his love to have a safe journey. They were a couple when they were both alive. Nathanos was the only human ranger within Silvermoon (where the Blood Elves are from). It wasn’t a secret that he and Sylvanas were close. Once Sylvanas was dead, she then had Nathanos, her champion resurrected. He’s served his lady faithfully every since. Being dead doesn’t mean you can’t get any sugar folks!

Wrathion: Where Is He?

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Magni Bronzebeard called us to the Chamber of Heart to free Ebonhorn. The black dragon was falling under Old God influence. Magni asked us to find the Black Prince to see if he had a cure. Wrathion sure has been busy. He’s searching for the Dragon Isles. The Dragon Isles sounds like an awesome place to visit.  I hope it pops up in the next expansion. It was sad to see Ebonhorn falling to the corruption, but there was a time that the Black Dragon flight served the Old Gods. Neltharian (Deathwing) fell victim to the Old God whispers and the whole Dragonflight followed. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the Black Dragonflight was once the protectors of the Earth.

Honestly, this quest chain was fun. With the World of Warcraft story so far, sometimes it’s easy to forget about old content. This quest took us back to Pandaria which is such a beautiful place. Wrathion had two of his agents waiting for us at the Tavern in the Mist. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding his character, and it seemed fitting to revisit the tavern where we first met him. He fascinates me because I’m not sure if we can trust him. I also enjoy seeing a brown-skinned character who has so much depth in World of Warcraft. The game had us journey to Karazhan and it’s always exciting to venture inside. Karazhan is so deliciously creepy. I love it when the game has us travel Azeroth for the plot.

Wrathion left us journal entries to find, and he promised he’d fight by our side against N’Zoth in the real Battle for Azeroth. What if Wrathion is the main hero in the next expansion?

Warcraft Movies: Those Cinematics Are Dope!

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What I want is a new World of Warcraft movie (or TV Show). The cinematics for this game is top-notch. Music and cinematics are truly what gives WoW life. It’d be so exciting to watch a new movie. My concern is that Blizzard doesn’t make the same mistakes as the first movie. The writing was all over the place. There were too many heroes and not enough focus on one. Some of the actors didn’t seem enthusiastic.  It’d be so epic if Blizzard announced a new movie or TV show at BlizzCon 2019.

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Movies Are Cool, But What About An Orchestra!

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I’ve always wondered why Blizzard doesn’t have orchestra concerts. Successful franchises like Kingdom Hearts have them and it’s a great way to enjoy the game in a new way. Fans from all over come out to listen to the music. Surely Blizzard realizes how much money they could make from this. World of Warcraft has really epic music. Some songs are peaceful like Elwynn Forest. Either way, I’d love to see the music of Warcraft played by an orchestra while epic scenes from the series play out on screen. Do you think a World of Warcraft orchestra concert is a good idea? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

World of Warcraft Story so far: Conclusion


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