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11 Must-Have Ground Mounts In World of Warcraft

40 SHARES Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us Save Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Let’s talk about the top 11 must-have ground mounts in World of Warcraft.

Let’s talk about the top 11 must-have ground mounts in World of Warcraft.

This article will cover the mounts I believe are the coolest. Everyone is going to have their favorite mount, and yours may not make the list. Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite mounts. Having the best mounts is a must-have if you want to look cool. Your mount can match your transmog. It can also give you bragging rights. Some mounts no longer exist within the game. I’m going to list the must-have ground mounts that are still obtainable. I won’t be listing mounts you have to buy from the Blizzard store.

Every must-have ground mount has it’s own requirements to obtain. Some ground mounts may require you to complete rated battlegrounds. Other mounts may require you to farm dungeons or raids. There are easy mounts and hard mounts to get. This list will include a mix of difficulties. Riding around on an epic mount is part of the fun. When your mount is awesome other players may ask you where you got it.

Some ground mounts are incredibly useful. The most useful mounts have vendor NPCs (non-playable characters) where you can sell items. In a raid, these types of mounts are useful to the group. Then you don’t have to leave the instance to repair it. Not everyone is focused on how useful a mount is though. Maybe you prefer fashionable mounts. These mounts not only match your transmog, but they’re great to show off. The rarer the mount then the more fun it is to AFK (away from keyboard) in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Let’s talk about the top 11 must-have ground mounts for World of Warcraft.

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Top 11 Ground Mounts In World Of Warcraft

11. Swift Spectral Tiger

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The Swift Spectral Tiger looks so pretty. It didn’t make number 1 on this list because of how you obtain it. This mount is only obtainable from the WoW TCG Loot. Blizzard has stopped making the trading card game, but if you’re willing to search and spend real money, then you can find this mount on eBay. The mount was lootable from inside of the Fire of Outland card set. You can buy, sell, or trade this mount because it’s not soulbound until you use it.

10. Raven Lord

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The Raven Lord mount drops from Anzu in Sethekk Halls on heroic difficulty. During the Burning Crusade expansion, you needed a Druid in your party to summon Anzu. Today you don’t need a Druid because Anzu is always available. The drop rate for the mount is less than 1%. What doesn’t make sense is that the Raven Lord mount doesn’t fly. It’s a cross between a raptor and a bird. Maybe Blizzard will make this a flyable mount someday.

9. Reins of the Obsidian Krolusk

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Reins of the Obsidian Krolusk is only obtainable from the Glory of the Wartorn Hero achievement. You earn the achievement by completing Battle for Azeroth’s mythic dungeons. This mount won’t be easy to get even if you do Mythics. It’s going to take a while to complete all the achievements on the list. The hard work will certainly pay off though, so good luck!

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Top 11 Must-Have Ground Mounts in World of Warcraft

8. Grove Defiler

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The Grove Defiler is an awesome looking elderhorn. He’s been corrupted by the Nightmare from the Emerald Dream, which has given him a unique red skin. To get this eerie-looking mount, you’ll need to earn Glory of the Legion Raider achievement. It’s the first raid-achievement reward in Legion.

7. Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak

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Now let’s talk about number seven in the top 11 must-have ground mounts in the World of Warcraft. The Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak isn’t the cutest mount. It made this list because of its usefulness. The yak is a three-person mount that includes vendors. It’s great for questing with friends because it can hold three people. Vendor mounts are always useful for raiding because you can repair your armor. This mount is similar to the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth. Both mounts can fit three people and they have vendors. To buy the Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak, you’ll need to travel to Kun’Lai Summit in Pandaria. Uncle Bigpocket sells the mount for 120,000 gold.

6. Steelbound Devourer

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The Steelbound Devourer is core hound mount. It’s a recolor of the 10th-anniversary edition core hound. The fel green skin looks really cool. To obtain this mount you’ll need a Blacksmith to craft the harness. Tichondrius drops the Blacksmithing plans in the Nighthold raid. Run the raid in any difficulty, but be aware that the drop rate is low. Crafting the harness requires a Legion Blacksmithing skill of 100. If you’re a Blacksmith you can sell the harness on the Auction House for huge profits. Creating the harness requires you to have the following ingredients:

  • 100 Demonsteel Bars
  • 50 Blood of Sargeras
  • 10 Infernal Brimstone
  • 10 Felhide

Top 11 Must-Have Ground Mounts in World of Warcraft Continued

5. Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth

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The Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth is similar to the Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak. It’s higher on the list because of nostalgia. When I started playing WoW during Wrath I remember my friends showing me around on this mount. If you’re looking for a three-seater mount that has vendors on board, then this mount is for you.

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4. Ironbound Wraithcharger

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Number four on the top 11 ground mounts in World of Warcraft is the Ironbound Wraithcharger. This mount is only available during the Wrath of the Lich King timewalking event. Salanar the Horseman created this awesome mount. He is one of Dark Riders of Acherus. We saw him during the Death Knight starter zone where he sends players to the Realm of Shadows to get the Death Charger. We see Salanar again during the Legion expansion. The Ebon Blade recruited him to make new mounts for the Four Horsemen. To buy the Ironbound Wraithcharger, you’ll need to visit Auzin in Dalaran during the LK timewalking. Auzin is the time walking vendor in Dalaran. You don’t use gold to purchase this mount, but you’ll need 5000 time-warped badges.

3. The Vicious Kaldorei Warsaber (Alliance Only)

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Next is the Vicious Kaldorei Warsaber. This sweet mount is a huge upgrade from the normal Night Elven warsabers. It’s an armored mount and is carrying an Alliance flag. The Vicious Kaldorei Warsaber is faction specific. You can only obtain this mount if you play Alliance. To purchase this mount you must reach the PvP rank combatant. Once you reach the combatant rank then you’ll need to win more matches within the same season. If your progress bar reaches 100% then you’ll receive the mount for the current season. Each time you fill your progress bar in a season, then you’ll receive a Vicious Saddle. The saddle is what you need to be able to purchase the Vicious Kaldorei Warsaber. You can find Necrolord Sipe, the Combatant Mount Quartermaster, in Stormwind City.

2. Rivendare’s Deathcharger

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The Rivendare’s Deathcharager is one of the oldest and coolest mounts in the game. You can obtain this intimidating mount from the Stratholme dungeon. This mount drops from Lord Rivendare. It has also appeared on the Black Market Auction House. Rivendare’s Deathcharger used to be one of the rarest mounts in the game. During Vanilla WoW, the drop rate was 0.2 percent. If you wish to obtain this mount today just run Stratholme until you go nuts. You can reset the instance and run it as often as you wish. The Rivendare’s Deathcharger is so worth it. If you play Alliance you’ll be happy to receive this mount, because only Undead mounts have this look. The deathcharager comes in a unique blue color which makes it look more threatening and cool.

1. Invincible

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For the final mount in the Top 11 must-have ground mounts in the World of Warcraft, we must talk about Invincible. He’s not invisible unless you count the fact the drop rate is low. Invincible is the Lich King’s’ mount. The horse works as both a ground mount and a flying mount. This creepy and cool mount is obtained by defeating the Lich King in Icecrown Citadel. Arthas loved this mount so much that there’s a song for it. In the book Arthas: Rise of the Lich King book by Christie Golden, we learn how important this mount was to Arthas. He saw the horse’s birth, and he mourned his death. You can still visit Invincible’s grave within the game. The drop rate is extremely low for this mount. Just from the storyline alone, this mount is so worth having.

Top 11 Must-have Ground Mounts In World of Warcraft

Good Luck!

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