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WoW Classic Servers AMA and Answered Questions

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Yesterday, the Classic WoW development team talked to fans about WoW Classic servers AMA and answered questions. With WoW Classic set to launch next week the AMA (ask me anything) came at a perfect time.   

The developers explained the difference between sharding and layering in detail. It’s a good thing they did because I always thought they were the same thing, and so did many in the community. During the AMA they also addressed player concerns about common issues in Classic.

With WoW Classic releasing next week, you may want to show your love for WoW.

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WoW Classic Servers AMA and Answered Questions

Full Servers and Log-in Queue

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Blizzard is expecting a lengthy log-in queue. Popular servers such as Herod could have an excess of 10,000 players trying to access the server. The developers are urging players to consider moving to low populated realms to help ease the server load. So far Blizzard has opened several new Player vs. Player (PvP) servers to meet demand.

Server transfers were available in Vanilla WoW, so the developers are considering them as possible. But, they mentioned in the AMA, that they’re also aware that server identity is a huge part of WoW Classic. Their intent isn’t to mess up the server identity.

They also said character transfers are the only service they’re considering at this time, and that character boosts won’t be a thing in Classic. But the team said they have contingency plans in place if they must add more servers during the launch.

Server Population: Layering vs. Sharding

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The WoW Classic developers were asked several questions about server populations. One of those burning questions was the difference between layering and sharding.

Layering helps to reduce server load. A huge amount of players in Northshire cause more problems then if they were spread throughout Elwynn Forest. The developers have to anticipate the problems, but they’re hoping to reduce the layering as time goes on.

If you’re in a layer, you’ll stay in that layer the whole time you play. The only time you’ll transfer layers is if a player from another layer invites you to a group. Also, if you’re logged out the game for too long then when you relog you’ll be in another layer.

Now, sharding exists in retail WoW and is different because it helps to balance the server. If you’re in a zone with too many people, then you can be sharded to another version of the zone. But, if you’re in a zone with not enough people, you can also be sharded to a version of the zone which has more players. For example, if you turn on Warmode, you’ll only see players with Warmorde turned on. Basically, the game has sharded you and other players with the same mindset and goals to the same version of your zone.

I’m glad the WoW Classic developers cleared up the confusion. Especially since sharding is such a hot button topic within the WoW community.

From the way, they described layering it makes sense why we need it. Without layering the game could crash, and the players won’t be able to play. I’m glad they’re being proactive in addressing the problem before it arises.

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What’s Next?


After phase 6 of the WoW Classic content release schedule, the developers haven’t decided what to do next. They could add more content to Classic or they could move on to the next two expansions.

We all know that The Burning Crusade (TBC) and Wrath of the Lich King (Wrath) expansions could follow WoW Classic.

They know diehard WoW Classic fans don’t want the servers to be upgraded to TBC or Wrath. So they’re going to be listening to the community to see which direction to go in next.

Some fans are already asking for Blizzard to create separate TBC and Wrath servers. Honestly, this probably is the best solution, so players who’d like to continue playing Classic can, while other players can transfer their level 60 character and move on.

World of Warcraft’s first six years is when the game was at its peak. There are fans who blame flying and LFG for current WoW’s decline, but the community was still strong in TBC and Wrath.

It would be a shame if the WoW Classic developers don’t consider creating TBC and Wrath servers. Most WoW players have memories from playing all three expansions.

Wrath was such a famous expansion, it wouldn’t feel right if they don’t recreate those servers at some point.

But, please feel free to disagree with me and leave a comment below. What should the developers do after phase 6 is released for WoW Classic?

The Drums of War Have Thundered Once Again

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WoW Classic servers AMA and answered questions have covered the biggest talking points. Be sure to check out the rest of the AMA for more information.

The WoW Classic team has listened to fandom feedback. They’ve added more PvP servers and fixed thousands of reported bugs. It certainly looks like Blizzard is listening to its fanbase.

WoW Classic releases next week so be sure you know the day and time for your time zone. If you’re new to WoW Classic please feel free to examine this helpful WoW Classic beginner guide.

Professions in WoW Classic are more important than they are in retail WoW. They can help you make gold, and create much-needed armor and items for yourself and friends.

Also, you can use addons in WoW Classic but they’re different from retail WoW. Some addons will make the quality of life improvements, but they aren’t required if you don’t want them.

Are you excited about WoW Classic? Please, feel free to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts and geek out with you.

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