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WoW’s 15th Anniversary and PTR Notes

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WoW’s 15th Anniversary is almost here and I couldn’t be more excited. Blizzard has released the PTR notes and there are some surprises in store.

Blizzard is going to make the anniversary a must-see event with some of these new additions. My goblin hunter will finally receive her heritage armor and a much needed model update.

The patch will include more than just model upgrades though. So, let’s get into the meat of it.

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WoW’s 15th Anniversary

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WoW’s 15th Anniversary begins November 16th – November 30th, 2019.

You can fly on Deathwing by obtaining the Obsidian Worldbreaker mount. If you complete three-holiday raids then Deathwing is yours.

Alliance and Horde are receiving their own holiday mounts. The Horde can snag the Frostwolf Snarler, and the Alliance can receive the Stormpike Battle Charger.

Just logging into the game will reward you with the Lil’Nefarian pet. Nefarian was the final boss in Blackwing Lair during Vanilla WoW.

If you’d like a piece of WoW to hold physically, then you’ll want to get your hands on WoW’s 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. Inside you’ll find a limited-edition statue of Ragnaros the Firelord. You’ll also receive an Onyxia pin, a map of Azeroth as a mouse pad, fine arts prints, Alabaster mounts, and 30-days of game time. The Anniversary Box is releasing on October 8th for $99.

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8.2.5 PTR Notes

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Besides WoW’s 15th Anniversary, we’re also receiving more goodies in patch 8.2.5. The Alliance will finally get the Bee Mount. It was announced at BlizzCon 2018. The secret to unlocking the mount wasn’t known during BlizzCon, but it’ll most likely involve a quest line as patch 8.2 had several bee-related quests.

We’ll be able to relive The Firelands in Cataclysm time walking. Blizzard is also implementing party sync, which will allow high-level players to queue for dungeons with low-level players. There will also be a “replay” option so that everyone can do the same quest, even if one member of the party has already completed it.

Party sync is an exciting edition, especially because the Recruit A Friend bonus is making a return. This time Recruit A Friend can also be used to recruit old WoW players. Each month your friend subscribes to the game gives you more rewards like mounts and pets.

Worgen and Goblins are finally receiving model updates. The update includes their looks and animations. Both races will also be getting their heritage armor.

WoW’s 15th Anniversary: Conclusion

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