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WoW Classic Layering Update

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Blizzard promised fans they would remove layering when they could. It’s been five weeks since launch and Blizzard are finally giving us a WoW Classic Layering update. Now that players have leveled up and spread out across the world, the layering is slowly being turned off. Popular realms like Faerlina has only had two layers for the past three weeks.

World bosses are coming to Classic soon. Blizzard wanted to have the layering turned off before then. So this means that each realm will only have a single layer. The login screen will now tell you if a realm is layered. Realms that are set to one layer will show low/medium/high for the population. Free character moves are still being offered to balance populations and manage login queues. Several realms are now set to one layer.

Originally posted on Blizzard forums by community manager Kaivax:

Along the way, some select realms reached their end-state of a single layer, and we locked that in. With a change we made earlier this week, the following WoW Classic realms are now permanently set to one layer:

  • Anathema
  • Arcanite Reaper
  • Ashkandi
  • Azuresong
  • Deviate Delight
  • Earthfury
  • Felstriker
  • Heartseeker
  • Netherwind
  • Old Blanchy
  • Remulos
  • Smolderweb
  • Windseeker

WoW Classic Layering Update

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Layering gets in the way of establishing a healthy community. It’s needed in the beginning. Too many players in one zone can crash a server. It also increases player enjoyment when the realms are too packed. At least with the layering, we’ve got a higher chance of killing enemies.

How do you feel about the layering in WoW Classic? Are you happy it’s being turned off? Please leave a comment.

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