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Hallow’s End Has Arrived In World of Warcraft…Unless You’re Playing On Garona

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Hallow’s End has arrived with all its ghoulish delights. The annual in-game holiday runs from Oct. 18th – Oct 31st. World of Warcraft has always done Halloween right. Trick or treating has you traverse the expansive world. Azeroth has never looked more festive with its jack-o’- lanterns, eerie candles, and flying bats. Every year players look forward to this event. Defeating the Headless Horseman is a must especially if you want to obtain his mount. Good luck getting the Horseman’s mount to drop though.

With all these trick or treats and spooky fun, you’d expect me to be having a great time. Well, Blizzard is certainly tricking me, because Hallow’s End has vanished on Garona in Elwynn Forest. In fact, all of my Halloween quests have disappeared from my log. You can still find candy buckets in inns scattered around Azeroth, but the majority of the Hallow’s End quests are in Elwynn Forest. This means Alliance players on Garona won’t be able to collect enough Tricky Treats to buy prizes.

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Players have sent Blizzard messages. We’ve also tried War Mode, and the holiday is active there. Many players don’t engage in War Mode, and no holiday should force us too. Hallow’s End is one of the most fun holidays in World of Warcraft. The spooky vibe mixed with candy treats, and creepy fun makes the experience worthwhile. I’m hoping Blizzard will have this problem fixed by Tuesday maintenance. We’re paying $15 a month to enjoy this game. Not being able to experience one of the major holidays isn’t fair. If Blizzard doesn’t fix it soon then I hope they’ll give players on Garona something in the game to make up for it.

Hallow’s End Has Arrived In World of Warcraft…Unless You’re on Garona

War Mode And Why It Sucks For Holidays

alt="hallow's end has arrived in world of warcraft - headless horseman"/>

My brother and I turned on War Mode to try our hand at Trick or Treating. It was a disaster. As soon as we landed in Stranglethorn two Horde players killed us on sight. Keep in mind my brother and I are lowbies. We just wanted to Trick or Treat to level and to have fun. We only turned on War Mode because the glitch was forcing us to use it in order to participate in the Hallow’s End event.

I have anxiety. So every time we were hunted down and slaughtered by those two Horde players I panicked. It took us an hour to leave Rebel Camp because we kept being killed every time we rezzed. It was a miserable experience, and my brother who’s a new player was shocked and dismayed. For me, I choose not to PvP because I already know it’s not good for me. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to participate in Hallow’s End the normal way. At first I thought it was a glitch, but now I’m not sure because no one at Blizzard has made any mention of fixing Hallow’s End on Garona.

Garona Isn’t The Only Server Affected

alt="hallow's end has arrived in world of warcraft...unless you're on garona - players fighting the headless horseman in goldshire before the bug"/>

EDIT: On Oct. 22nd, 2019, Blizzard has fixed the glitch affecting Garona. Yay!

Now, Garona isn’t the only server affected. It seems as if any server which is crossed with Garona can’t see the event either. Players from other servers also expressed their disappointment in General Chat. I’m pretty sure this is a glitch, but why wouldn’t it be fixed already? It’s been 24 hours (at the time of this post) and there have been no changes. Many players can only play the game during the weekend because of work or school during the week. I couldn’t queue to face the Headless Horseman unless I was sitting in Stormwind. Something is not quite right, and I’m hoping this is resolved before Halloween.

Alliance players on Garona are missing out on honoring the Wickerman, stink bombing the Undercity while flying on a broomstick and saving Goldshire from the Headless Horseman. All of these quests and events make the game feel more alive. Please fix Hallow’s End on Garona. I’ve played World of Warcraft for twelve years. Garona is one of the oldest servers in the game. We aren’t the most populated, and there aren’t any streamers that I’m aware of. Our money and time are precious, and we play WoW because we love the world. It’s clear the development team puts a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into their work. So, thank you for all you do.

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Hallow’s End has arrived in World of Warcraft. Has your server been affected by this glitch? Can you still participate in Hallow’s End? Please leave a comment below.

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