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Great News for Hunter Pets on WoW!

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According to Icy Veins hunters will be able to tame Horridon and Oondasta in patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara. Those pets are dinosaurs and should look great with Zandalari troll hunters.


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There won’t be a requirement to tame Oondasta. Good luck finding her alive on the Isle of Giants though. Oondasta is heavily camped by just about everyone.

If you wish to attempt to tame the giant dinosaur you’ll need to fly to the Isle of Giants which is located above Kun-Lai Summit in Pandaria.


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To tame Horridon you will need to enter the Throne of Thunder raid. He’s a dire horn and is the second boss in the instance.

Dire horns can only be tamed if you learn how. You must obtain an Ancient Tome of Dinomancy which drops from Zandalari dinomancers on the Isle of Giants.

The Throne of Thunder raid is located in the north-western part of the Isle of the Thunder King. Take the portal in the Shado-pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.


The Hunt is On

As a hunter myself, I’m always on the lookout for awesome hunter pets on WoW. I’m sure to get myself one of these beauties. Hunting rare and interesting pets has always made World of Warcraft exciting for me, regardless of where the plot is going. Until next time!

Have fun storming the castle!

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