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New Character Models for WoW Patch 8.2.5

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Hi guys! Wowhead datamined juicy new Blizzard character models a few days ago for patch 8.2.5. But, posted screenshots from the ChinaJoy 2019 convention where Blizzard released new character models for Warcraft III: Reforged.

When we receive new character models for WoW I’m excited. It’s a chance for Blizzard to re-imagine a character in a way we haven’t seen.

So, let’s get into it!

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New Character Models for WoW

Wrathion: HOT DAMN!

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Photo of Wrathion from

Okay, for the first new character models for wow, I’ve got to begin with what everyone has been talking about. Wrathion has done puberty right y’all, and he’s only five years old. When I saw his new model my first thought was how come we can’t design our own characters like this? But, I digress.

Wrathion reminds me of the Prince of Persia a little bit. He’s got less bling then he used too, but the look is sophisticated and clean. Honestly, I’ve been missing the Black Prince, and I’m excited to see what the black dragon has been up too.

Overall, it’s a great look and I love it.

5 stars!

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Calia Menethil

alt="photo of calia menethil from new wow character models for wow"/>

Photo of Calia from

Calia is Arthas Menethil’s older sister. She’s the first undead character touched by the light in the game. Her model looks really good, and I’m excited to see what implications her existence will have on the lore.

I wasn’t expecting Calia’s new character models for WoW to look this cool but I love it. Will this mean the Alliance will have undead in its ranks now? Or, will the Forsaken choose to ally themselves with Calia instead of Sylvannas? Either way, the possibilities are endless.

5 stars!


Valeera Sanguinar

alt="photo of valeera sanguinaar from new character models for wow"/>

Photo of Valeera from

Valeera was friends with Varian Wrynn. They met during the time he’d been kidnapped and trained as a gladiator. She’s a blood elf rogue who plays a double agent, and we last saw her when she provided the information that Baine wanted to meet Jaina in Theramore.

I love the red in her outfit. I’m not so sure about the shoulder pads though. It seems as if they would get stuck in the doorway, but overall Valeera still has a really awesome look.

4 stars!



alt="photo of Zekhan from new character models for wow"/>

Photo of Zekhan from

Now, for the final new character model for WoW I’ve got to talk about Zekhan. We saw Zekhan in the Old Soldier Cinematic. He reminded Saurfang why it’s important to keep fighting another day, and he aids Saurfang after his escape from Stormwind. The jungle troll looks really good in this model. I’m excited to see what plans Blizzard has in store for the character.

4 stars!


New Character Models for WoW: Warcraft III


alt="new photo of Thrall from new character models for wow"/>

Photo of Thrall from

Warchief Thrall was the leader of the New Orcish Horde in Warcraft III. After the Prophet Medivh, told him about the threat of the Burning Legion, he took his troops and sailed to the ancient lands of Kalimdor to face the threat.

Thrall looks so much better here than he did before. I played the original Warcraft III as a child. This design for Thrall is much cleaner, and I love it very much. It makes me much more excited to get my hands on this game.

5 stars!


Tyrande Whisperwind

alt="photo of Tyrande Whisperwind from new character models for wow"/>

Photo of Tyrande from

High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind led the Night Elves in Warcraft III. At first, she attacked the Orcs for hurting her ancestral lands, but soon she set aside her differences to save the world of Azeroth from the larger threat of the Burning Legion.

Check out how gorgeous Tyrande looks. This model of her is much cleaner. She’s always had a pretty character design, and this Warcraft III version shows that a lot better. I’m really happy with the way this design turned out.

5 stars!


Archmage Antonidas

alt="photo of Archmage Antonidas from Warcraft III new character models for wow"/>

Photo of Antonidas from

Archmage Antonidas was the ruler of Dalaran and the Kirin Tor. He was Jaina Proudmoore’s teacher. Sadly, Arthas murdered the great Archmage during Warcraft III, and now a memorial rests in Dalaran to this day in Antonidas honor.

This model of the great Archmage is well done. I’m really impressed with the way Warcraft III: Reforged is looking. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy to review the game. It’ll take me right back to my childhood.

4 stars!


It’s almost time for Classic

alt="classic wow pre-launch test"/>

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So, what do you think of the new character models for WoW and Warcraft III? Let me know in the comments?

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