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World Of Warcraft Guild Behavior

40 SHARES Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us Save Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Disclaimer: World of Warcraft guild behavior is an opinion piece. I’m writing this

Disclaimer: World of Warcraft guild behavior is an opinion piece. I’m writing this opinion piece based off of my own experiences. Please feel free to share your guild experiences in the comments below.

World of Warcraft guild behavior is an interesting topic. A good guild is subjective because it depends on what your needs are. I’ve been in several guilds throughout the years. Two of the guilds I ran myself, one guild I was an officer, and the others I was simply a member. I’ve been a part of raid teams, and I’ve also been a casual player. Throughout the years, I’ve learned a lot about good guild leadership.

The best guilds feel like family. Then there are some guilds where cliques are formed. I’ve unfortunately been in guilds with cliques, and it doesn’t feel good to know you’re not included.

The purpose of a guild is for players to help each other. Let’s talk about the importance of guilds.

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World of Warcraft Guild Behavior

Virtual Home Where Friendship Is Formed

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World of Warcraft guild behavior can determine whether you make friends. Some guild members are kind and will take a new player under their wing. Other guilds are more focused on achievements and only want the best players. Finding the best guild isn’t easy. You always have to know what you want in a guild.

Some important things to consider include vibe. Are you interested in a chill guild? Also, are you trying to complete difficult group activities like raids? A guild should make you feel comfortable. If you ever need to question whether you’re wanted in a guild, then you might want to consider leaving.

Guild members do earn reputation for being in a guild. Once you hit certain thresholds like honored and exalted, you can visit guild vendors to purchase exclusive items. Players are able to earn mounts, companion pets, and heirloom gear. Leveling up your guild reputation is a good thing if you want these items. But, if you leave the guild or are kicked out, then you lose everything you earned. So joining a new guild means starting over.

It’s not worth being mistreated for guild reputation. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, but always remember to have love and self-respect for yourself too. If you need to leave a toxic guild never feel guilty about doing what’s best for you.

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World Of Warcraft Guild Behavior

Unnecessary Aggression And Unfair Actions

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Conversation with Guild Master of Neon, Diodude, Before He Unfairly Kicked Me From The Guild Because His Ex-Girlfriend (who I’m not friends with and don’t even know) Cheated On Him

I’ve been in my fair share of guilds. Some guilds were like a second home for me, and others became a nightmare. Let me share my most recent guild experience with you.

If you’ve ever been miserably treated in a guild, just know it’s not your fault and you’re not alone. Always remember if someone is treating you badly, it says more about them then it does about you. Oftentimes other players are taking out their frustrations on someone else. You didn’t deserve that World of Warcraft guild behavior.

As a guild member, I’m not afraid to stand up for myself and ask questions. If you ever feel like you’re not being respected, you have a right to defend yourself, especially if you did nothing wrong.

Unnecessary Aggression And Unfair Action Continued

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Recently, while playing retail WoW, I was unfairly kicked from a Horde guild called Neon on the Zuljin server. The guild master Diodude only kicked me from the guild because his ex-girlfriend invited me to the guild about eight years ago. I never knew his ex-girlfriend personally. To me, she was just a friendly officer who invited me to the guild at the time.

I did report Diodude’s terrible World of Warcraft guild behavior, but you must remember that Blizzard doesn’t usually step in to guild politics. So if you’re having an issue within a guild, it’s best to figure it out on your own.

Aggression And Action Continued


My Horde toon is a Goblin hunter and she’s an alt. Alliance is my chosen faction so my Dwarven hunter is my main. The guild leadership within Neon knew I was a casual Horde player. They told me it was fine for me to join and hang out. Now back when I joined Neon, I was still raiding on the Alliance side. So my Horde toons were never meant to be main characters.

Also, the guild master stopped playing the game for about three years. Several guild members stayed within the guild like I did. We were all casual players, and logged in to play our toons from time to time. Sometime during the Warlords of Draenor expansion about four or five years ago, the guild fell apart.

Remember, I was a casual Horde player. So I had no idea why the guild had broken up. Fast forward to Battle For Azeroth, and I discover that the guild master and his ex-girlfriend have broken up too. I didn’t know why they broke up, and honestly I didn’t care. As a casual player I had nothing to do with their failed relationship or the dead guild.

Aggression And Action Continued


When Diodude returned to WoW this year he became aggressive toward me. His behavior was confusing, because I’d never had a problem with him. He lowered my guild rank, and refused to allow me to use the guild bank. Throughout the years, I’ve never abused the guild bank, or been mean to another guildie, nor was I disrespectful to Diodude or his officers.

I decided to try and speak with him to see if we could resolve the perplexing conflict, because the other guildies and officers were nice to me. So besides his confusing attitude change the rest of the guild felt like home. Diodude’s aggressive behavior blindsided me, because I had no clue why he was acting that way towards me.

Unfair Actions Continued


So I tried speaking with Diodude more than once, but he didn’t want to talk. When I was finally able to speak with him, he treated me like I wasn’t a valued guild member. His World of Warcraft guild behavior was terrible.

I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but once again, I’d like to reiterate that Diodude’s behavior was baffling. We’d never had any issue before, and once again, I’ll state I never had problems with another guild member or a guild officer.

In Neon, I was quiet and kept to myself. I did run dungeons with the guild back in the day, but I’d never had any problems with guild members or guild leadership.

Apparently, he was angry because his ex-girlfriend cheated on him. His ex-girlfriend’s behavior had nothing to do with me. She and I weren’t friends. I was never close to his ex-girlfriend, and I haven’t spoken to her in years. We ran some dungeons together years ago, but she and I were not close. So, Diodude was using me as a scapegoat and directing his anger towards me.

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Final Thoughts On World Of Warcraft Guild Behavior

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Have you experienced terrible World of Warcraft guild behavior? Please feel free to leave a comment below, and share your own personal guild stories.

If you’re in a guild and problems arise, don’t be afraid to speak with the guild master and/or officers. Good leadership in a guild will listen to your concerns. You have every right to ask questions and to demand fair treatment.

Don’t forget though there’s nothing wrong with leaving if you don’t feel happy and safe. A guild should be a safe virtual space for you to hangout. You shouldn’t feel guilty because of someone else’s mean actions.

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