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World Of Warcraft Streamer Reckful Has Died

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World Of Warcraft Streamer Reckful has died by suicide. Byron “Reckful” Bernstein was 31 years old and his passing was confirmed by esports journalist Rod Breslau of Slasher. Breslau was informed of Bernstein’s death by his ex-girlfriend and his roommate.

Bernstein was famous for streaming World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. Fans on World of Warcraft servers are getting together in the Stormwind Cathedral to pay their respects. The streamer ranked as number one in 2009 in PvP for six seasons straight. As a WoW player, he was so good that he won many tournaments and events, including Major League Gaming WoW’s tournament in 2010. He eventually began playing competitive Hearthstone and he casted professional matches.

Bernstein was suspended from Twitch earlier this year from violating its code of conduct. He was also famously banned from WoW years ago for sharing his account. Reckful’s Twitch channel is followed by thousands. The streamer struggled with mental health issues for years. Bernstein had depression and had bi-polar disorder. He was vocal about his issues with mental illness, and he tweeted today before he passed away.

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World Of Warcraft Streamer Reckful Has Died

WoW Fans Honor The Late Streamer

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World of Warcraft streamer Reckful has died, and fans are coming together within WoW to honor his memory. In both WoW Classic and retail WoW, thousands of fans have come together in the Stormwind Cathedral.

Bernstein inspired many players who play WoW today. As one of Twitch’s first big streamers, his legacy will live on forever. His older brother Gary Bernstein posted his grief on Twitter.

Days before Bernstein’s death, he proposed to his girlfriend on Twitter. His girlfriend Becca posted a Twitlonger in response to the sad news. She kept her thoughts brief as she discussed their relationship and Bernstein’s struggles with mental illness. Becca called for more awareness relating to mental health issues, and Becca admitted that she had trouble understanding the struggles of depression.

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World of Warcraft Streamer Reckful Has Died

Before You Go…

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World Of Warcraft Streamer Reckful has died. How do you feel about Reckful’s passing? Do you know anyone who’s struggling with mental health issues? Please feel free to leave a respectful comment below.

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If you or anyone else you know are suffering from mental illness and/or suicidal thoughts, please don’t hesitate to contact your National Suicide Hotline. The National Suicide Hotline number for the US: 1-800-273-8255

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