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Will Blizzard Fix WoW Classic Botting Problem?

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Update: Will Blizzard fix WoW Classic botting problem? Well, Blizzard updated fans on July 1st, about the WoW Classic botting issue. The company has done a ban wave, and have banned about 40,000 accounts since June 17th.

Will Blizzard fix WoW Classic botting problem? Botting is a form of cheating in video games. A bot is a computer that controls a playable character. Bots in WoW can have erratic movements, automatic whispers, and armor which don’t make sense. Generally, you can tell you’re looking at a bot because something about their behavior is off.

Botting is a serious problem in games like World of Warcraft Classic. Cheaters who use bots are able to mine nodes and run multiple dungeons in a day. Every server has an economy, and botters can infiltrate it by selling items on the Auction House that they obtained through dishonest means.

Yesterday, Blizzard said on the official forums, players are limited to 30 instances (dungeon and raid) runs a day in Classic. The restriction applies to all of your characters per realm. Instead of Blizzard banning the actual bots, they’ve decided to punish the regular player base instead. But, this may not be a real restriction as Blizzard made an April Fool’s Day joke about this a few years ago. Let’s examine the botting issue further, and discuss how Blizzard can fix it.

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Will Blizzard Fix WoW Classic Botting Problem?

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On June 17th, 2020, Twitch Streamer Asmongold decided to bust bots in retail WoW and WoW Classic. He and many players visited various dungeons and reported bots.

These bots were automatically teleported to the dungeons and running inside. Many of the bots were even wearing the exact same armor. You could tell that they were bots because there were hundreds of copies of the same character. Surprisingly, retail WoW had more bots than WoW Classic during Asmongold’s test.

On June 18th, Blizzard said that they had just recently completed a ban wave of about 74,000 accounts. Most of them were botters. So this explains why Asmongold didn’t see a lot of bots in WoW Classic.

Blizzard has mentioned before that banning individual bots is complicated. The company has said that preventing exploitative behavior is more effective than banning the bots. Usually, botters are banned in waves. Botters will often use stolen accounts to perform their illegal activities. Blizzard is asking WoW Classic players to get authenticators, and the company will give them four extra bag slots as a reward. Despite the fact, this goes against the #nochanges that most WoW Classic players have requested, an authenticator may protect more accounts and hopefully help to combat botting.

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How Can Blizzard Fix Botting?

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Blizzard should respond to player reports because oftentimes our reports are ignored. Bots are usually controlled by a computer program, so maybe Blizzard can find a way to ban the program? The company shouldn’t punish regular players. Most WoW Classic players are playing the game the right way. The integrity of the game is at stake here.

Most WoW Classic fans asked for a return to the past because they wanted WoW to be more rewarding. Grinding to level 60, gearing, and then participating in raids and battlegrounds is what players want. Botters cheapen the experience because there is no effort on their part. A computer is playing a game for them.

Botters mostly focus on collecting materials to sell, but some of them do interact with other players. If you, unfortunately, duel a bot, you’ll most likely lose, and then you’ll question what happened?

Final Thoughts

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Botting isn’t going away. Too many cheaters are making a profit from illegal behavior. All we can do is bring awareness to the problem, and report bots when we see them. What do you think Blizzard should do about WoW Classic Botting? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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