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World of Warcraft Patch 8.2.5 PTR Notes

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World of Warcraft Patch 8.2.5 is now available for testing on the public test realms. The Worgen and Goblin models are finally getting a makeover.

Wowhead data-mined audio from the patch a couple of weeks ago. From their work, we know that Wrathion is returning to the forefront of the story. Just where has the Black Prince been traveling, and what has he found?

Blizzard posted the PTR development notes on their forums. With the Recruit a Friend bonus making a comeback, Azeroth is sure to be more packed than ever.

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So, what else can we expect in Battle for Azeroth’s next patch?

World of Warcraft Patch 8.2.5: WoW’s 15th Anniversary

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WoW is all grown up, and Blizzard is celebrating WoW’s 15th anniversary in World of Warcraft patch 8.2.5 by adding sweet new prizes. Everyone who logs into the game will receive a Lil’ Nefarian Pet. The anniversary event is November 16th – November 30th, 2019.

Players who defeat all nine of the holiday bosses, from three different raids, will be rewarded the Obsidian Worldbreaker mount inspired by Deathwing. The bosses are from iconic moments in WoW’s history.

Also, players can take part in a blast from the past, by participating in Alterac Valley. There is a special currency for this event which players may use to purchase two new mounts. The mounts are a Frostwolf Snarler for Horde and the Stormpike Battle Charger for Alliance.

Recruit a Friend and Party Sync

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The recruit a friend program keeps on giving because you can recruit new and old friends. By using a new URL generation tool, you’ll be able to bring your friends with you on adventures.

For each month your friend has game time, you’ll receive rewards like mounts, pets, game time, and more. Each month these rewards unlock and they scale with the number of months your friends have subscribed to.

Party sync will allow you to play with your friends no matter their level in instances and battlegrounds. When the new system is activated it places all the playable characters in the same state, which means they’ll have the same quests and be scaled to the same level.

High-level players will scale down to the lower level players level, but the quest replay option allows the high-level player to quest with their friend. Higher-level players will lose access to certain high-level abilities like Azerite traits.

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Firelands is Coming to Timewalking

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In World of Warcraft Patch 8.2.5, similar to other timewalking events, you’ll need to form a group and queue for the raid. The loot dropped within the raid will be appropriate for your level and spec. Firelands was a popular raid in Cataclysm and will be fun to experience again at our current level.

New Worgen and Goblin Models

It’s about time Blizzard is updating the Worgen and Goblin models. I don’t play a Worgen but I do play a Goblin as an alt, and I’m excited to see her new look and animations.

With these updates, Blizzard has fulfilled its promise to update all the old character models. I hope this frees up their staff to design new and exciting content.

World of Warcraft Patch 8.2.5: Allied Races

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Now, allied races aren’t my favorite thing, and they’re right up there with my strong dislike of pathfinder. I prefer Blizzard giving me what I paid for when I buy a new expansion, instead of dangling the new toy in front of my nose like a carrot. But the rumors for the next allied races joining the faction war conflict are strong.

Blizzard seems to be hinting at Vulpera (which feels like a new race not an allied race to me), and Mechagnomes as the next allied races. Vulpera is a popular choice among Horde players, and they might get their wish. The Vulpera are cool and interesting, and I’d like to play one.

Mechagnomes could join the Alliance and be led by Prince Erazmin. The prince is a great guy and seems to care about his people. So, the Mechagnomes would make an excellent addition to the Alliance.

Besides Mechagnomes and Vulpera, there are other races being tossed around. Gilgoblins and Ankoan are two other popular options. The Gilgoblins don’t currently have any fight animations, but that could change if Blizzard wants to make them playable soon.

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What’s Next?

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So, what’s next after World of Warcraft Patch 8.2.5? Besides the fact we’re finally getting our Bee mount, the story can go in so many directions. Especially now that Wrathion is brought back into the mix. We also have Calia Menethil and a potential group of light forged undead who could make an appearance.

Wrathion has a new character model and he’s looking fine, but besides his appearance, the Black Prince seems to be searching for the Dragon Isles. Could the Dragon Isles be where we’re headed in the next expansion?

Or could the 4chan leak pointing to the Age of Darkness expansion be more accurate?

But, we also have a new theory from Pyromancer on Youtube, who claims that a source he can’t name, told him the next expansion is Shadowlands. At this point, we have so many dangling plot threads, that we might be missing the larger picture.

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