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WoW Shadowlands Alpha Torghast Interview

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The WoW Shadowlands alpha Torghast interview gave us information about the alpha this week. Torghast is the endless dungeon located within the Maw. In the Shadowlands the Maw is similar to a hell-like place. Twitch streamer Towelliee interviewed World of Warcraft Game Designer Paul Kubit on his April 17th stream. Kubit has worked on WoW for 10 years. Each time you run Torghast it will change. Progressing further within the dungeon will allow you to acquire materials to craft legendaries.

Torghast is important from a story perspective. The dungeon is where the Forge of Domination is located. Frostmourne and the Helm of Domination were crafted at the forge. Icecrown Citadel may have a connection to Torghast because the dungeon mirrored the citadel in the Shadowlands trailer. Also, the Jailer has used Torghast as an eternal prison for the worst souls.

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WoW Shadowlands Alpha Torghast Interview

Interview With WoW Game Designer Paul Kubit

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WoW game designer Paul Kubit gave an hour-long interview about Torghast and the Maw. He said we’ll be able to enter Torghast shortly after we hit level 60. Kubit said there will be things we’ll have to learn about some things first.

Torghast’s keys can be infinitely farmed. Players can look forward to updated floors, legendaries, themes and ecologies throughout the expansion. Torghast will have new technology that will scale mobs by role and spec.

During the WoW Shadowlands Alpha Torghast Interview, we learned that characters who’ve died recently within the lore may appear within the Maw. The Maw is where Torghast is located and it’s an endgame zone. The Eye of the Jailer debuff will give you a limited amount of time in the zone. You can spend Anima to remove the debuff which would allow you to stay in the zone longer. When you’re in the Maw you’ll be able to decide what your objective will be. So you can decide if you’d like to collect souls for your covenant or kill a rare.

Check out the full interview below. Thanks to Towelliee and Paul Kubit for the interview.

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Watch Interview With Paul Kubit on Torghast & The Maw from Towelliee on

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2 thoughts on “WoW Shadowlands Alpha Torghast Interview

  1. All I care about are WEAPONS! This is why I loved Legion! Main focus was our Artifact weapons and I loved that. The absolute worst thing about BfA was the gear focus and they’re repeating that mistake in Shadowlands?!

    People are going to quit this game so fast, AFTER already giving Blizz their money.

    1. Hello Nate, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog post. I loved the artifact weapons in Legion as well. The artifact weapons were fun to use and were exciting to acquire from a lore perspective. I’m hoping that Blizzard is listening to player feedback in the alpha. Shadowlands has an interesting premise and I’d love to see WoW get back on track. WoW can be so epic when the developers get the game right. ^_^

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