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Level Squish? Does World of Warcraft have one Coming?

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Hello! Welcome to my Hearth! In today’s news, we’re talking about a level squish. Apparently, Blizzard sent out a survey to fans. One of the survey questions asked the WoW fandom if they knew a level squish was coming. As you can tell this was news to the fandom as we’ve had no official announcement. The survey was assuming we’d all heard.

Last July in an interview, WoW game director, Ion Hazzikostas mentioned the level squish but didn’t confirm it. This survey shows Blizzard has no idea what’s going on between the different departments within their company.

Either way, the fandom has had mixed reactions in online communities like Reddit. Some people were concerned about Blizzard being able to pull this off.

I will admit, I’m concerned as well.

What is a level squish?

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A level squish is a reduction of the current level cap which is level 120. For Blizzard, this would mean they don’t need to come up with as many abilities per level.

The players could potentially benefit by feeling as if their characters are stronger. Battle for Azeroth drew criticism, many players felt as if their characters had gotten weaker. Warlords of Draenor was the last time our characters received a new talent, and as a result, there is no denying the game is broken in its current state. I’m hoping patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara will address our concerns and help Battle for Azeroth shine.

Is a level squish a good idea?

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Is a level squish a good idea? Well, it depends on if Blizzard can pull it off. We as players will feel powerful, the game won’t be as tedious to level for new players, and a feeling of accomplishment can return.

Many fans have expressed concerns about the current WoW development team. A level squish is a technical challenge and is more than dialing back levels. The level squish would require a complete revamp of old content.

Mobs from previous expansions will need to be re-scaled for the level squish. Blizzard has trouble scaling mobs and armor already. I’m concerned if they can do this justice.

I’ve played WoW for eleven years. As a result, I’m concerned that a level squish could make me feel like my hard work was for nothing.

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Could the level squish appear in the next expansion?

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I suspect a large technical undertaking like a level squish would be in a new expansion. Take the Blizzard survey with a grain of salt for now. If it is true, expect to see an announcement at Blizzcon 2019. For now, I won’t worry too much about it.

Let me know in the comments below how you feel about the level squish. Do you feel it’s a good idea? Why or why not? Will it breathe new life into the questing experience?

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