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World of Warcraft Classic Realms Is Live

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World of Warcraft Classic Realms Is Live. Yesterday was an exciting rush to log into the game. From Vanilla veterans to new fans, WoW Classic….Was A Hit!

You know WoW Classic was a success because World of Warcraft had 1 million viewers on Twitch. It’s amazing that the community stepped out in full-force in support of Classic.

Also, Blizzard opened new servers after the launch because of player demand. All of the servers had a login queue after the initial rush. Some players on Twitter had waited up to 2 hours.

It’s obvious that the WoW Classic development team put a lot of love into this game. I’m so happy to have an old school version of WoW to play. I’m playing both retail and WoW Classic and I’m loving every minute.

WoW Classic is great because we know we have a piece of World of Warcraft history at our fingertips. There are so many new players experiencing the joys of Classic for the first time. I loved playing with my brothers last night on the Mankirk server.

We didn’t experience any significant login issues. But, we did watch Asmongold’s stream while we played, and I believe he was disconnected from the game (instead of logging out). He was so disappointed and decided to take a nap on his stream until the queue moved.

You can miss the home World of Warcraft once was, while still appreciating the beauty in how it’s changed.

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World of Warcraft Classic Realms Is Live

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My brothers and I are playing Alliance on Mankirk. One of my brothers chose to play a Human Warrior, and I chose to play a Gnome Mage.  Which meant he was playing in the Human starter zone in Elwynn Forest, and I was in the Gnome starter zone in Dun Morogh. We were planning to meet up after finishing our start zone quests.

The crushing wave of players in our starter zones was N-U-T-S.

Everywhere I looked I saw people running around like ants. It was thrilling and frustrating because I couldn’t do my first quest to kill wolves. The lag was so bad at some points that other players were randomly appearing beside me.

It took us about 2 hours to finish the starter zones because of the influx of players.

Also, we heard from players on our server, and from watching Asmongold’s stream (he was playing on the server Faerlina), that the cities were bugged. The easiest way to get from Dun Morogh to Elwynn Forest is through the tram which connects Ironforge and Stormwind.

We didn’t want to risk getting disconnected. Plus, after two hours of trying to kill Kobolds in Northshire Valley,  my brother was tired of playing, so his twin brother hopped onto the game instead. I switched to my Night Elf hunter because my other brother had chosen to play a Night Elf Rogue.

It was a wild ride but I loved every minute of the launch.

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Different Starting Zones

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When my other brother logged into the game a lot of the mad rush had subsided. We were questing in Teldrassil. It was fun to actually talk to other players in the zone.

Not only was General Chat full of chatter, but we stopped and talked to other players. Many were enjoying themselves, and a few were missing some of the updated features in retail.

A lot of players missed the map telling us where our quests were. There were players suggesting to use the add-ons Questie or MonkeyQuest to help find quest objectives. But, everyone noted that Questie wasn’t entirely reliable and that it kept bugging out.

My brother and I joined a guild. The guildies were nice and friendly and the atmosphere was welcoming. It reminded me so much of Wrath when I first started playing the game.

Retail WoW has sacrificed the sense of community for the need for convenience. I wish there was a way to take the best parts of both WoW Classic and Retail WoW and mesh them together.

If Blizzard could figure out how to give us better functionality without sacrificing the game’s heart, then World of Warcraft would become the best it’s ever been.

I miss my old WoW buddies, but I know they’ve moved on from WoW, and I wish them the best.

World of Warcraft Classic Realms Is Live

The Drums of War Have Thundered Once Again

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Did you play WoW Classic during the launch yesterday? What did you think? Please, leave a comment below!

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