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Blizzard Expanded WoW Classic Server Capacity

40 SHARES Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us Save Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Share Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Yesterday, August 28, 2019, Blizzard expanded WoW Classic Server capacity. So if you

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Yesterday, August 28, 2019, Blizzard expanded WoW Classic Server capacity. So if you noticed that your login queue was shorter or non-existent that was why.

It’s a great thing too because some players were experiencing waits as long as six hours or more. Yikes!

WoW Classic has certainly created a good problem to have though because World of Warcraft had over a million viewers on Twitch Monday. So, things are looking fantastic for the game and for Blizzard right now.

The game feels so alive. It’s completely different than retail WoW.

But, I hope that Blizzard can improve retail going forward. Visiting the past is fun, but I’d like to know what happens next in the storyline, and I’d love to visit new lands.

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Blizzard Expanded WoW Classic Server Capacity

Stock Price

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In other WoW related news…Blizzard’s stock went up this week. Now, I’m not an expert in the stock market, but I’m pretty sure that their stock price rising to 4.7% on Tuesday was no accident. The hype surrounding WoW Classic was crazy this week.

For Blizzard, this probably means more money, but for the fans, this may mean we could see more old school content. If Blizzard is seeing more dollar signs, it’s more likely we’ll be getting a Burning Crusade and a Wrath of the Lich King server.

Some Classic fans won’t agree with those, because they feel that flight and Looking for Group ruined the game. I’m not saying that Classic fans don’t have a point, especially when concerning LFG tools, but you can’t deny that Wrath of the Lich King was World of Warcraft’s high point. It makes sense for Blizzard to re-release their most popular expansion.

If WoW Classic was this hot, just imagine the enormous hype for Wrath’s re-release.

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Blizzard is suing a Chinese gaming company called ‘Sina Games’ for ripping off World of Warcraft. This isn’t the first time this has happened. A game as popular as WoW is bound to have imitators. posted a copy of the lawsuit

The game is called Glorious Saga and is available as a downloadable app in China and the United States. Apparently, this game has copied characters like Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall, and even artwork, like the famous Orcs and Humans poster from Warcraft I.

Copying work from a mega-company like Blizzard has never been worth it. These types of lawsuits always result in the loss of millions of dollars. I’m not sure why people take the risk of copying work from large corporations.

What do you think about all this? Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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