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World of Warcraft Queen Azshara Eternal Palace

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SPOILER WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Azshara’s Eternal Palace raid. Read at your own risk if you don’t want to be spoiled.

In World of Warcraft, Queen Azshara is going down!

Hey guys! Have our characters screwed up big time? I mean, we did find the Tidestone in Legion and left it unguarded. Now, we’re in a hot mess because Queen Azshara is using it. It’s not like things can get any worse…right? Let me know in the comments down below!

Azshara’s Eternal Palace raid finally opened today July 9, 2019. I was excited to see the content. Streamers such as Asmongold were also racing to the finish, making the run more exciting.

My group only made it to the second boss before we had to stop playing. Gear scores were too low in the group, and many of us didn’t know the mechanics.

Nevertheless, I was able to see some of the raids, and from what I saw, Azshara’s Eternal Palace is a doozy. I did watch Asmongold’s stream as his raid team took down Queen Azshara. It took them a few hours, but they eventually succeeded.

The ending cinematic didn’t live up to my expectations, but I’ll get into that in a bit. So, let’s talk about what I did experience.

Be sure to share your raid experience in Azshara’s Eternal Palace down in the comments. Did you run the raid yet? Have you done it with a guild group or a PUG (pick up group)? What did you think of the raid? Is it too hard or too easy? Which boss fights were your favorites and why?

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Finding the Eternal Palace

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For the Alliance, I began my journey at Mezzamere and took the flight path to the Queen’s Gate.

Azshara’s Eternal Palace is located deep below Nazjatar. The entrance to Azshara’s Eternal Palace is underneath a whirlpool of water in the Gate of the Queen. It was a fun way to journey to an instance gate that’s for sure.

When my hunter was sucked down into the water, he eventually leveled out before the gate. You’re swimming underwater, and the view is awesome. Thanks to the buff Guest of the Queen, you’re able to breathe underwater.

While I admired the view, I put the call out for a PUG in group finder. It was exciting to see so many players forming groups in the finder. There were also many players running into the instance gate too.

Once our group was created, we entered the raid to come face to face with Abyssal Commander Sivara.

World of Warcraft Queen Azshara Minion’s: Boss One

alt="Abyssmal Commandar Sivara"/>

The first boss is Abyssal Commander Sivara. At first, the fight was a little confusing until our group realized some of us were marked green (poison debuff) and the others marked blue (frost debuff).

Your color depended on which side of the room you should stand on. We still had to make sure we didn’t stand in anything dangerous or stand too close to group members of the opposite color, especially if we were attacked by our debuff.

Be aware the boss will change the debuff on the raid several times. It was important to pay attention to which debuff was on your character. If you weren’t careful, your character could become inflicted with Unstable Mixture and explode, which would then inflict the raid with nature damage.

Abyssal Commander Sivara wasn’t too difficult. We downed her after two wipes. Once everyone knew what to do, then we were able to move on to the next encounter.

The second and third bosses can be done in any order. We chose to do Blackwater Behemoth.

Boss Two: Blackwater Behemoth

alt="Blackwater Behemoth"/>

Now, this boss is where our PuG ran into trouble. The mechanics were fairly simple once we got the hang of it, but the problem was our DPS. This boss is timed based because we need to use the pufferfish to be able to heal.

In the raid, there were two pufferfish in each phase, but the green ink the fish emitted only lasted about 40 seconds. Without the green ink, our healers couldn’t heal the group.

The fight was easy to understand. First, kill puffer fish, then DPS boss, now kill second puffer fish, then back to DPS boss, and then swim to another side of the room without hitting the jellyfish. We also had to make sure to stay over the rocks so the sea monster, Tethyr, won’t eat you. Tethyr is the sea monster that used to attack Theramore when the lighthouse was turned on.

Anyway, our DPS was too low to finish the fight before we lost health. Our group gave it a good effort until we called it quits.

If your ilvl (item level) isn’t at least 400, you probably won’t dish out enough DPS to down this boss in time. So, if you’re planning to try this in a group, be prepared to have a high item level, and to do at least 10,000k damage.

 You might consider checking out this cool map of Azeroth from

World of Warcraft Queen Azshara is Going Down: The Final Boss

My group only made it to Blackwater Behemoth, but I watched Asmongold’s stream while we did our own run. From what I saw, Queen Azshara’s fight is difficult.

Asmongold and his team were all geared in ilvl 415 or higher. So, their DPS wasn’t the problem here. Queen Azshara’s fight had a lot of mechanics to master. They were doing the raid on Normal, but it seemed like a Heroic or Mythic+ because of the difficulty.

Also, I noticed Asmongold’s group got Queen Azshara’s health down to the last 20% several times before they wiped. Only after Asmongold changed group members, were they finally able to claim victory.

Queen Azshara’s fight was a lot more difficult than the other fights in the raid. It felt jarring to see the difficulty spike as I watched Asmongold’s group defeat Za’qul, before facing Queen Azshara.

Apart of me felt a sense of dread because my own group was having trouble with Blackwater Behemoth. I knew for a fact we weren’t going to make it to Queen Azshara, at least not today we weren’t.

I’m determined to try Azshara’s Eternal Palace again on LFR (looking for raid) next week. I’m hoping to have a higher ilvl by then so I can hit the ground running.

We’ve All Been Played

alt="horde and alliance leaders united agaisnt Queen Azshara"/>

In World of Warcraft, Queen Azshara was playing us.

Asmongold and his group finished the raid, then a cinematic started. Queen Azshara laid down in defeat, as a black band wrapped around her octopus-like form. She opened all five of her eyes in horror, as she was dragged deeper into the sea.

N’Zoth, the old god, had been released from his prison. Our fight with Queen Azshara snapped the chains which were holding the old gold at bay. It was chilling to see him open his large yellow eye, as it gazed from the depths of the ocean.

The old god said, “All eyes shall be opened.”

Despite how epic it was to see N’Zoth drag Queen Azshara into the depths, the cinematic was underwhelming. As hard as Queen Azshara is to defeat, I was expecting more. Asmongold and his friends complained about their stream about the disappointment.

I hope Blizzard has another cutscene for Mythic+ runs. The expansion isn’t over yet, so there’s still hope. What I did notice from the cinematic was Queen Azshara’s look of horror and shock, as she was dragged into the sea.

N’Zoth clearly played her, just like she played us.

World of Warcraft Queen Azshara: Sound Off in Comments

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Let me know down below what you thought of Azshara’s Eternal Palace. Most importantly, what do you think of this new story development?

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Thanks for hanging out on Warcraft: Welcome to my Hearth!

Happy Hunting!




2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Queen Azshara Eternal Palace

  1. Hi, I have a couple of question. What about the pillars left in the tomb to keep the portal open to other worlds? I was also under the impression that the pillars could be use to drain Sargeras’s sword of its energy? Now science she has the stone, does it mean the barrier between what is left of the legion and Azeroth gone?

    1. Hi Wilmer,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. It’s a good question to wonder about the other Pillars of Creation. I did hear that the Tears of Elune could be hinting at the next expansion, especially since the moon goddess, Elune, has been mentioned often in the lore recently.

      Also, Tyrande recently became the Night Warrior by drawing from Elune’s power. Some fans have speculated that may be the reason for why Tyrande wasn’t in Nazjatar to take on Queen Azshara. We could be visiting the world Elunaria in the future, which brings me to your next question.

      Magni had us use our artifact weapons in an attempt to drain the Sword of Sargeras of it’s power. He knew for a fact the pillars would work, but right now they’re needed to seal the portal. Azeroth is slowly dying, which means we’ll all die too. I figure Magni didn’t have us use the Pillars of Creation to destroy the sword, because locking the portal was more important, but that’s only a guess.

      Although, we took out the high commanders of the legion in Argus, the legion still has armies scattered among the worlds. The last I heard, the legion’s army numbered some where in the trillions.

      However, since Queen Azshara got her hands on the Tidestone of Golganneth, I wonder if the other Pillars of Creation are still sealing the portal, and if they aren’t, what could this mean for the future of Azeroth? Could we still have more legion invasions in the future?

      I mean, we already have an old god on the loose, and now, there’s a possibility the Pillars are no longer sealing the portal. You can couple this with the fact we don’t know what Sylvannas and Nathanos are really up too, and we still haven’t healed Azeroth’s wounds.

      The future looks dire to me, but maybe I’m just being paranoid and missing key parts of the story. What do you think? Is Azeroth’s future brighter than it seems?


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